5 ways to gain more time

5 ways to gain more time

Can you gain more time? YES

Can you find time to do hobbies? YES

No one wishes they spent more time working!

Okay, so this is my very first post, as this is something I had to do in order to get more out of my life,  I am guessing if you have stumbled upon this blog, it’s either because you know me and would like to be nosey (which I actively encourage) or maybe the title grabbed you and your way off balance in your life. If its the latter, I am hoping what I have done in my life is helpful to you.


As a Single Parent to my 15-year-old Daughter and in the day I am a National Key Account Manager travelling all over the UK looking after the Hotel and Leisure sector, I needed more time!!

We all get 168 hours per week. I will keep reverting back to time.

Imagine if I said, I could give you an extra ten hours a week to do what you want! You probably would say I was crazy and wonder if I lived on the same planet as you, bear with me.

I have changed my life and you can too! I now am less stressed, allow myself to enjoy the present moment and have found that my relationship with my Daughter and others have improved greatly.


5 steps


Firstly if you want to enhance your life and do what you want, you must first, decide what you would like to do with the extra time! So do this now, grab a pen and paper…….anything will do, the scruffy piece of paper in your pocket, that had the list of groceries, that has space on the back! Now write down what you would do with an extra 10 hours per week.  Read more books, take up a course, learn that foreign language, take up running, maybe even attend the gym that you have a 12-year subscription with but haven’t attended since January.



Now you’re all hopefully wired on what you have decided to do with your extra time, Think of yourself as one of the Elite where every minute is money that you earn. Write down a list of things you do in your week. Now be honest, write down everything. The more you put, the more you will find. I have been pretty simplistic here, the more descriptive the more you will gain:-


Monday. Get up 6.30am get ready.

7.30, leave for work, drop the Kids off at the childminders.

8.45am arrive in work.

1pm, lunch (lunch what lunch! I work from my desk, shoving the sandwich I bought from the Grab a lunch van that comes around between calls)

5pm, finish. Battle with traffic for the drive home, pick the Kid’s up whilst being attacked by the other children also waiting to be picked up. Quick chinwag with one of the other Parent’s on how bad the traffic was.

6.15-6.20pm Finally, arrive home. Is It time for Bed now? Of course not, now the Kids have just started fighting and the Dinner has to be cooked and I have School homework to help with.

6.20pm, I need time out, but Dinner needs cooking. Tonight will be simple, using the leftover chicken from yesterdays roast, A bit of this and bit of that.

6.45pm All food prepped and in the oven, now time for a quick cuppa (Monday is to early for a glass of wine) and chill before Dinner is served, ah the sofa, turn on the tv, scroll through Facebook,

7.15pm Dinner is served.

7.30pm Kids have eaten like they are starving. Not even sure they have chewed the food before swallowing, I am left with empty plates and dishes to be cleaned.

8pm, Kids in the bath and put in the bedclothes whilst going through their spelling which was set as homework.

8.45pm Kids are in bed and I have survived yet another day. I have missed what I wanted on tv, hurrah for catch up.

9pm, Back into the Sitting room as I need to just relax, hoping to catch the film (what happened in Vegas) Yes, I have seen it before, about 3 times now, but it’s an easy watch and funny plus I need something light-hearted as my brain is fried. Also, need to catch up with my friend Sasha via text and see how her weekend went with the In-Laws.

11pm Time for bed, film went on longer than I expected due to adverts but I caught up with Sasha and arranged a meal out soon.

11-11.15pm, getting undressed, teeth brushed, makeup off, creams applied. 11.30pm sleep. DAY OVER.

Does this sound familiar? This is just a mere example but be as specific as you can and as I mentioned before be honest. This will not work if you are not willing to see how you exactly spend your days within the week. Are you addicted to looking at your work emails when you have finished work? Do you have daily phone calls or spend time texting and the time just disappears? Are you helping Someone too much where perhaps others could lend a hand?


So we have now established what you are looking to do with the extra time and what you do with your time. I will say it again we all get 168 hours per week. So say for instance you do a 40 hour week plus your commuting, calling this a 50 hour week. We also have to sleep. I personally need 7 hours of sleep every night, so taking this into account, I have added an extra hour basing it on a whole 8 hours of sleep per night which is 56 hours per week. So we are now left with 62 hours. Now weekends are different, we have already allocated the sleep time so we have 24 hours x 2 (-16 hours of sleep already taken into account) We then have 32 hours on a weekend which now leaves us with 30 hours for the week. 30 hours dividing this by 5 equals 6 hours per day. Hopefully, you’re still following. Look at your figures? where are you spending your time?


– When I looked at my time I realised I spent 2 hours a week at home just watching EastEnders. I gave it up! This sounds like some sort of drug! It’s good to look at it that way. What did I gain from watching it? Nothing! It was my habit. One I had since the storyline was Michelle, Sharon and Ian were all at School and they were putting a band together, Yes, a long time. Not only did I put a soap series to one side, but now our television is not used in the same way anymore. I gained time which I was just loosing. My creativity soared. I began to meditate which has been amazing for me. In the evenings I stopped looking at emails and causing myself unnecessary worry which would cause me to be snappy.  I also took an hour each Morning to get ready, I have also found shortcuts here too.


It’s entirely your choice how you want to live and how you wish to spend your time. If you hear someone saying they do not have time, it’s rubbish it actually means that they cannot be bothered.

Do you have time for the gym? True answer Yes, but it’s hard work and it’s so much easier to park up on the sofa and blame being tired or having children as an excuse. Again I use this as an example. If you want to do something then you find a way.

Don’t be envious of what others achieve in their week. Jump on board!

LIVE YOUR LIFE! Make your moments count.

5 way gain time management
Have more time for fun

I do hope you enjoyed my blog. Please follow me. If you have any tips which also would help people for time management, please comment below, plus I would love to hear from you.

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