5 Winter Essential Accessories

5 winter essential accessories

5 winter accessories
Beautiful Wintery scenery

Are you a winter lover or do you hate this time of year? Lately, I have been hearing people moaning about how cold they are. With so many germs in the air, I can see why people don’t like it. If I was being filmed on a camera you would literally see me go a little red in the face whilst some git sneezes by the side of me, without putting their hands over their mouth. Grim! Please, please, please, cover those germs.

That aside I can always find things I love about every season. With Christmas around the corner, the houses that are lit up with their decorations which twinkle in the night. There is an air of excitement with what Santa will bring. Many of us hoping for a white Christmas which would involve making snowmen or playing in the snow. I can’t actually remember the last white Christmas we had.

Accepting the cold….This time of year when the frost hits or even snow, the scenes all around the country are breathtaking. We have plenty of hills near to where I live and this will mean people of all ages sleighing down the hills when the snow sets. Even those that don’t own a sledge, will get their hands on something that will slide on the snow. I have even seen a person on a baking tray whizzing down the snow hills before.

To enjoy this cold weather. Here is my top 5 Winter Essential Accessories.

Winter boots
Brown Winter boots

No.1 Boots and Wellies

In the UK boots and wellies are very needed. During winter I am mostly found in boots, just like the ones pictured above. Generally, I wear my brown leather boots or my grey uggs. However one year I didn’t listen and wore my untreated Uggs outside in the thick snow and completely ruined them and had to get a new pair. I won’t be making that costly mistake again. This time of year comfort is trendy, how can anyone not like that? Wellies are not just for Farmers or Glastonbury festival. In Somerset, its a key item. When investing in wellies look for a good comfy waterproof pair.

Winter gloves
Knitted mittens to keep your hands warm.

No.2 Gloves and Mittens

Unless you like blue cold fingers, gloves/mittens are essential. There are lots of different types. When my Daughter was young, I used to sew the ribbon to each end of her mittens and run this through her Winter coat. This stopped her losing her cute little mittens. Trust me, this is a good life hack.

Recently, I treated myself to a new pair of burgundy leather gloves. It was such a shame that I’ve misplaced my old pair, maybe a should attach my gloves to my coat also. Leather gloves are a personal favourite as their a great fit and I don’t find them inconvenient. I find them great for driving also. Honestly, you will notice the difference, when you get into your freezing car with gloves. Holding the cold steering wheel with ease and a good grip is also so much safer than slippery gloves or trying to drive with your cold fingers.

Touchscreen gloves seem to be a pretty big hit also.

Winter clothes
Wear lots of Layers.

No.3 Layers.

Layer yourself up! This time of year I wear plenty of layers. I would rather take something off if I am too hot than be too cold. This doesn’t just apply to outside but indoors as well. A large comfy throw is placed on our Sitting Room sofa so we can snuggle up and keep extra cosy. Snuggling into the warm furry throw on a Winter’s evening, sipping a nice hot chocolate with a Christmas scented candle is one of my favourite past times.

Winter hats
Wear your hat!

No.4 Hats!

Not everyone is a fan of hats. I love them, I wish more people wore them. There are so many different types. Over the years I have tried on so many to see which suits me best. My Favourite to wear is the wide brim Fedora hat. The Fedora suits my head. Other Ladies look so lovely with their beanie bobble hats, but it’s so sad that the bobble hat doesn’t suit me. A hat really will help keep you much warmer. If you’re having a bad hair day, it hides it! Hey, no need for that dry shampoo!

Winter scarf
Winter scarf

No.5 scarves

A scarf is not only useful but can totally transform your outfit. Scarves can be worn in different ways too. With such a vast range of scarves on the market to suit all tastes and budgets. For Winter I recommend a nice cosy wool or cashmere scarf.  When the freezing cold winds howls towards my face, I just lift my scarf up to protect my face.

What’s your favourite winter accessory?

Stay warm and enjoy Winter xx




6 thoughts on “5 Winter Essential Accessories

  1. These are all things I can’t live without. I’m always puffed up like the Michelin Man in so many layers, plus thermal gloves, good boots, two pairs of socks, a hat and a scarf – I don’t do well with the cold!

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