Air Festival Weston-Super-Mare

Air Festival Weston-Super-Mare

Saturday, June 23rd a friend was visiting me from London. It had been decided that my friend called Amna would make the most of the day and go book her train back for 8pm as she has never visited this area before. I wanted to make sure she would have a fun-filled day. Thankfully I spotted the Air Festival was taking place over the weekend which had a great line up. I then checked the weather forecast which looked great so I decided on a Beach/Air Display kinda day.

As I stood waiting by my car to pick Amna up at the train station, there were so many people coming off the train, more than I had seen in ages. I thought the best thing to do was head straight to a car park, Weston-super-mare was heaving. A lot of car parks were already full. The seafront had loads of activities on and trade stands all in support of the Air Festival. The RAF were celebrating their 100th year in British flight. 

Thankfully after a bit of persistence, I finally found somewhere. Our first port of call was to show Amna around Marina Lake Beach which I think it a great spot in Weston.

We thought it would be best to get a bite to eat first before we got comfy on the beach. We really struggled to find somewhere to sit outside. All the tables were already taken. As Amna has never visited here it seemed only right that she had traditional fish and chips.  As we walked past a fish and chip hut we noticed there were a few tables spare. I’m not a vegetarian but i do enjoy vegetarian food. I choose the vege buger which was actually alright and to wash it down with a nice can of chilled sprite. 

If you are Gluten free intolerant check out my post at Bistrot Pierre where they actually have quite a few Gluten Free dishes on the menu.

As we sat eating and chinwagging the show began! The Typhoon was up and boy could you hear it! We started filming on instastories. I personally love the loud aircraft. My favourite has to be the Vulcan, this aircraft is amazing and SUPER loud. I once took my Daughter to watch the Airdisplay in Fairfield, Gloucester and I have no idea how she fell asleep and stayed asleep during the Vulcan display. 

As a child, my Dad took me to Bristol Airport and they used to have a viewing area. I absolutely loved the roar of the engines before the plane began to take off. Hearing the sound I would feel all over excitement. To this day I get the same feeling on a plane when it is time to take off. 

Watching the display, we realised we were no longer sat on the bench but perched upon our knees to get a great view. We decided it was time to head down to the beach and watch the display. OH! Little note here – If you visit Weston Beach there are public toilets but you will need to take your twenty pence pieces with you. Good thing I had a few in my purse.

As we were about to go down to the beach, a stand was giving away small cans of Sprite. I still had some of the lemon sprite left but couldn’t resist trying the new lemon lime & cucumber flavour. I am not a huge fan of fizzy drinks but every now and then, I do like a nice Lemonade. This was actually quite nice and refreshing.

Air Display Weston-Super-Mare


The beach was really busy yet so enjoyable. Well, apart from when someone decided to feed the Gulls in front of us and suddenly we had a colony of them above us. Gulls can be aggressive and they have quite disgusting ammunition. Each time I tried to take a photo a big Gull would be in the way. If you have watched the film or read the book “The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock” you can relate.

As we watched two planes do a fantastic performance of looping, it looked like a person attached to the top of the plane. I zoomed in on my camera and could see a person stood on each plane whilst it did various mindblowing manoeuvres. I was blown away by this and pointed it out to Amna, who also didn’t realise at first that people were attached. This was called the Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers. WOW! and I mean WOW! 

Air Display Weston-Super-Mare 2018


All day we had spoken about the Red Arrows, now without sounding nonappreciative to the other planes as they are all spectacular to watch but the Red Arrows is also a family favorite. The announcement was made over the speakers that they were coming in any moment people who were previously sat or laid down all rose to their feet. Children’s screams of excitement could be heard. My heart melted during this moment. I think the Red Arrows are crucial to a good Air Festival. 

Red Arrows Air Display

Such amazing precision!

Red Arrows Air Display

Red Arrows Air Display

My photos are amateur but I have seen some really good shots from the local camera club.

The Air Festival is a free event which was held on the 23rd and 24th June 2018. The next Air Festival in Weston-Super-Mare is held on the 22nd and 23rd June 2019. I have put the link here to the AIrshow calender if you want to check it out.

Huge thanks from me to all concerned over the weekend! It was so enjoyable and you made my friend have great memories of Weston-Super-Mare.

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