Birthday night cooking for friend Somerset cake curry Inspired by T

Cooking for my best friend’s Birthday

Happy New Year  First things first I would like to wish you a happy new year! Hope everyone is well.  How was your Christmas? Mine didn't go quite to plan, on Christmas eve I got conjunctivitis. I woke up on Christmas day looking dreadful, bright red eyes all swollen and yuk. Thankfully it has now gone. … Continue reading Cooking for my best friend’s Birthday

Christmas Dinner table - looking all Festive

5 Top Christmas Foods

MY TOP CHRISTMAS FOODS The festive season is finally here!! Very soon I'll be battling in the supermarkets with shoppers that are acting like shops will never reopen. It's a familiar sight for me to see families with 2 trolleys at the check out spilling over with food. What comes to your mind when you … Continue reading 5 Top Christmas Foods

Pizza Express Weston-super-mare

Pizza Express Review – Weston-Super-Mare

My review of Pizza Express - Weston-Super-Mare Pizza lovers the wait is over, the new Pizza Express in Weston-Super-Mare is now open! Saturday night I was delighted to be invited along to the new Pizza Express in Weston-Super-Mare. I invited my 16-year-old Daughter who was thrilled to join me, as she dines out quite frequently. … Continue reading Pizza Express Review – Weston-Super-Mare

Gin and tonic Bombay sapphire

Gin! is this the new trendy drink?

Has Gin become the "IT" drink, leaving Prosecco behind? My taste buds seem to be changing all the time. Over the last couple of years, I have been a keen Prosecco lover.  On a special occasion, a bottle is popped, when there is something worth celebrating (does a Friday class as special?) Okay, so, Prosecco … Continue reading Gin! is this the new trendy drink?


Gousto box review

Gousto box review I recently received my first ever Gousto box. Slightly apprehensive about ordering as I like to decide on a night what I will cook. I considered, my food shop is probably 2 hours out of the week. The time I pick the foods in the shop, car journey and putting the food … Continue reading Gousto box review

Gousto Home cooking

Gousto Home cooking – What’s in my box

Gousto Home cooking - What's in my box I have recently ordered the Gousto food in a box, I took advantage of the special offer they are running.  I prefer buying fresh foods and adding vegetables, which my Daughter tells me spoils the food. I thought this would be a great idea as life is … Continue reading Gousto Home cooking – What’s in my box

Aldi's Austin Summer Punch v Pimms

Review of Pimms V Aldi’s Austin’s Summer Punch

Review of Pimms V Aldi's Austin's Summer Punch Our English summer is still upon us.  Every year, we hear, a heat wave is coming! This year we have been blessed with some spectacular sunny days. Us Brits love our bright sunny days where we take to the supermarkets. We invest in new Barbeques, outside furniture, … Continue reading Review of Pimms V Aldi’s Austin’s Summer Punch

Ston Easton Park

Watch my Sunday lunch at Ston Easton Park

My video showing our Sunday lunch at Ston Easton Park I visited Ston Easton Park for a 2-course meal in March 2017.  Ston Easton Park is situated in Somerset near Bath.