Chalice well Glastonbury


Glastonbury shopping

It was decided that myself and my friend Laura would visit the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. We decided we would visit the shops first and have a bite to eat somewhere on the high street. It was a lovely surprise whilst we were having our lunch that Laura gave me a voucher for a massage. I love massages.

Whilst at lunch I ordered a halloumi burger, this my first time trying this and it is darn delicious.

Chalice Well Glastonbury
Laura and me enjoying our lunch

I love mooching around the shops at Glastonbury. It is so different to any other high street. It offers such unusual pieces of jewellery with such a range of crystals and gems. 


I couldn’t resist buying a mixture of Josticks whilst there. Josticks are so different these days they come in a huge range of fragrances. My favourite was the cherry blossom, I even bought a chocolate fudge one. I use them alot in the home. I also bought a garden one which cost £2.50 and this lasts for around 8 hours. It has been such lovely weather and to have an incense going whilst being outside is beautiful.

In all the years I have visited Glastonbury which is a lot, I have never made the time to visit the Chalice well. I was really looking forward to it.

Chalice Well

We paid just under £5 each as an entry. Whilst paying for entry I noticed lots of bottles and I asked about them. The lady informed me that you can buy a small bottle at £1.50 or a large one at £2.50 and you help yourself to the natural spring water.

Chalice Well Glastonbury

As you walk through the entrance a wonderful garden awaits you, with stunning roses and gorgeous flowers. I urge anyone that feels stressed or wants a feeling of connection to visit here. 

The natural Spring water is known for its healing qualities. We walked up to the natural spring and I filled my bottle. We both took off our shoes as this felt appropriate at the time. 

Chalice Well Glastonbury

There is also a pool there which is only a few inches deep. We were told this is the healing Spring water and we could walk through it. Myself and my friend walked into the water which submerged our feet and ankles. I have to say the water was icy cold. I could only stand in the water for a couple of minutes. Other people were stood around waiting to give it a go too.

Chalice Well Glastonbury

We sat by the Chalice well which was nicely sheltered. This seemed like the perfect place to meditate. There were a few other people also meditating here. Our phones were on silent from the moment we arrived as it would not be fair to disturb anyone. I am not sure how long we sat around the Chalice well for as I didn’t care to look. The Chalice Well is one of Britain’s most ancient wells and is visited by people all over the world. 

Chalice well Glastonbury

The day had forecast rain but during the entire time at the Chalice Well and Gardens the sun was shining so brightly. I couldn’t help but smell all the fragrances omitting from the flowers and nor could Laura. We both wanted to take in everything that the site offered and be present in the moment.

Chalice well Glastonbury

We sat on the hilly garden which offers spectacular views across Somerset. I decided as we had the spot to ourselves that I would practice QiGong. QiGong is similar to Tai Chi. My friend Laura then laid out on the grass and I then did a guided meditation on her. I spoke in a soft voice and aimed to release any negative energies. Laura was suffering that day with a severe headache and I wanted to help her. 

Please feel free to read my post on Meditation & Mindfulness


I sooooo recommend visiting here as it is so tranquil and beautiful and you instantly feel a connection with higher vibration with source energy. This is definately a place I will return.

Have you ever experienced a moment when you feel like life has your back? Well, as we decided our visit was over we made our way to our cars. We both felt so peaceful and content. As I sat in my car arranging things before my drive back I heard a tapping, I looked up and it was pouring hard with rain. Our timing was perfect. As I drove away I could see the people that had also been visiting the Chalice Well running to their cars. 

Have you visited the Chalice well? what did you think? It does have religious links but even so, it is a beautiful place to visit. 

Chalice Well Glastonbury


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