Champagne Birthday April 2018

My Champagne Birthday April 2018

Champagne on a work night? well, it was my Birthday. Excuse my manners, Hello there and how have you all been? Here I am now another year older. Each person seems to look upon ageing differently. The other night I actually had to work out my age, it seems I had been putting an extra year on my life. Without doing anything I have now gained 1 whole year.  NICE! 

Birthday Champagne cake

As I woke on my Birthday, my Daughter came into the room and gave me her gifts and card. I was given a light grey sweater from GAP that will be perfect for the summer evenings. In the bag was a couple of mud face masks and inside my card was a scratchcard. I’ve been so lucky with things lately.  I scratched off the numbers whilst in bed but on this occasion, it wasn’t a winner but hey ho.

Birthday Card Champagne Aldi
My lovely card from my Daughter

My Birthday is the 10th April and this year it had fallen a Tuesday. Most Birthdays I book the day off as it generally happens over the Easter Holidays and I can spend a day with my daughter. Working was weird this year as no one had wished me Happy Birthday so by lunchtime I had got a cob on with work and felt very sad. I even thought when my Manager met me the day before he was coming with a birthday card. I mentioned my Birthday to my Colleague and then she put a post up on our google plus page and I was most grateful for the wishes that followed. It certainly turned me from a moody cow with a bottom lip to smiling.

So after my day finished, I came home to some cards in the post. One of which was from my daughter’s grandparents and they had given me a £50 voucher for Accessorize. I have had my eye on one of their bags,acc_1.1/4907394100

My Dad turned up completely unexpected and gave me money from him and other members of the family. As soon as my Dad left my sister and her boyfriend turned up with the dog. They arrived with champagne, gifts and a curry for me. I am a real champagne lover they picked up the limited edition one from Aldi which is only £9.99 Personally I think the packaging is really good. As soon as I took the wire off the champagne the cork flew into the air covering my new top and the kitchen with fizz, it must have been shaken or something! I will do another post soon about the Champagne.

The evening was fun, with lots of laughs obviously nothing to do with the Birthday bubbles!!!

One of my best friend’s Helen bought me a personalised gift which I so adore. It literally has all about me in the picture. Each word represents me in some way. What do you think? I absolutely love it. 

Aldi Champagne Birthday

So I would like to say a big thank you for all that did wish me a Happy Birthday as I was most grateful for every message that came to me. For those that gave me gifts, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Lots of love


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