Cooking for my best friend’s Birthday

Happy New Year 

Happy new year
Happy new year

First things first I would like to wish you a happy new year! Hope everyone is well.  How was your Christmas? Mine didn’t go quite to plan, on Christmas eve I got conjunctivitis. I woke up on Christmas day looking dreadful, bright red eyes all swollen and yuk. Thankfully it has now gone. I want to share one the easiest cupcake recipes I know.

In January I have a few Birthdays. One, in particular, is my best friend Helen’s. We usually give gifts and arrange a meal out somewhere. This year I thought it would be lovely for her to come to my home for the evening, this way she gets a bit of peace and quiet from her children. As she walked in, I had just poured my first glass of red wine. In my sitting room, there was a couple of neatly packed birthday gifts that Helen would be able to take home with her.

Birthday night cooking for best friend cake curry drinks
Birthday night

We originally had decided that I would cook us one of my chicken curries and I started thinking what I should do for dessert. Seeing as it was Helen’s birthday I decided to make cupcakes. This way she could have a dessert and take them home for her family also to enjoy. I do like doing something personal on most occasions. Doing something personal usually takes time and I see this as the best gift of all.

Growing up, making cakes with the family was one of my favourite past times. I would always help as it meant I could then be given the bowl after which had remains of cake mix. So yum! Eating the raw egg doesn’t bother me. The main ingredients embedded in my brain, as I was always told remember the 4’s and 2 eggs, and it stuck with me.

I am going to share the ingredients I use for making cupcakes, it’s pretty simple. It doesn’t take long at all. I’ve not put a recipe with pictures as I bake into one of my blogs before so hoping this is easy to follow.

Click on the link – > Easy cupcake recipe

The evening was a complete success. Helen ate a few cakes that night and the next day sent me pictures of the children scoffing the cakes with smiles. Blinking result I say!

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