MINI COOPER 1.5 Westerly bridgwater

The new MINI Cooper Convertible owned by Westerley in Bridgwater. I was given the MINI for the weekend and it just so happened to be the best weekend weather-wise for all of 2018. This made it absolutely perfect for a convertible. The MINI might be small but this really should not put you off it has so many things going for it.


Over the years I have driven many company cars but not once have I driven a MINI. What did I think? Well, firstly I want to talk about the performance. The MINI Cooper 1.5 I drove has a BMW 3 cylinder turbo engine. MINI decided back in 2010 that the Peugeot engine they used to put in the MINI was not the right performance they wanted. It has a top speed of 128 miles per hour and can do 0 – 62 in 8.3 seconds. This is probably one of the neatest and compact engines I have seen.


This car has some oomph! My car would scream at me if I was doing 30 miles in 2nd gear but I didn’t feel any restraint on the acceleration. In fact whilst I was in fourth gear and it felt like 6th, I had to keep reminding myself to change gears. 


For me a car that is able to accelerate and get to the speed limit in an efficient way is exactly what I like. I have had previous cars that can be slow on the acceleration and that’s not what I want when you are joining the motorway or any A road. The MINI grabs the road and gives you the speed you want.


MIni Cooper 2018 1.5 Westerly Somerset

I took the car around Cheddar Gorge and through Burrington Combe which has some tight bends Not once did I struggle with my steering, it’s very light and easy to handle.  The steering delivers exactly as I would expect.


Incredibly British features are throughout the MINI Cooper. If I worked in the Marketing department for MINI, on the birth of our new Prince Louis I would have done a convey of MINI‘s with the optional Union Jack flag soft top to parade outside Buckingham Palace and around London.

The dashboard has the Union Jack flag which illuminates in the dark. The rear lights also are designed with the Union Jack.

MINI COOPER lights 2018 Westerly

There are many lights which also feature inside the car. My Daughter is 16 and she doesn’t show much excitement however whilst she was in the passenger seat there was lots of “Wow! look at that” or “hey Mum, that colour is really cool”  

Mini Convertible 2018 Bridgwater

One of the best features I loved was when I exited the car I noticed the MINI logo was highlighted on the ground, this comes from the door handle. This blew me away!

Mini Convertible 2018 Bridgwater

The car is a keyless start and keyless entry. Even the key itself with the buttons on is cute. 

Rear parking sensors are a godsend, not only does it have the rear sensors it also shows you on the screen (located in the middle of the dashboard) which part of the rear of the vehicle is close to an object. 

The on-screen menu is so similar to the BMW 1 Series that I used to drive. There is a dial just to your left and everything is so easily controlled. 


The car connects via Bluetooth for any multimedia. This was actually set up before I drove off as my Daughter wanted her music playing. The car did not have a CD player, now I am old school and I still listen to them as I’m driving along. Suppose I have to just get with the times and know that CD’s will be another thing that in the future there soon will be a generation asking “what’s a CD?”

Lights on the MINI are LED and this is the first car I have driven with LED lights. For me, I think the LED lights are brilliant, driving at night seems so much clearer. I noticed a massive difference. I used the LED lights whilst driving on country roads and the road ahead seemed much more visible. LED lights come on automatically when the light outside dims.

Due to how the headlights seem quite oval shaped and what with the grill perfectly positioned it really does give a face of a happy car. Is it me, that just sees this?

The interior of the MINI Cooper says LUXURY. The MINI offers heated seats and climate control which can be operated by the driver or passenger. How handy is that? This worked well for me as I love the fresh air but as the temperature dropped outside in the night, I pressed the heated seat button on low and it did not affect the passenger. This would save any arguments that can happen all about the temperature inside the car.

MINI Convertible 2018 Somerset


The interior seating is mixed leather and upholstery and because it was new, the smell of the fresh leather was divine.  I found driving it so comfy. The chair itself moulds around you and it made me feel very safe and secure. The convertible was a 4 seater so I wanted to see how much room there was in the back so I put the front seat down and climbed on in. For me, I would be able to sit in the back with enough legroom. Now, I’m only 5.3″ and if your 6 foot something then I would suggest you test this out yourself.


Mini Convertible 2018 Somerset

It’s super easy to have the car as a convertible, the button is placed in front of you, just up from the rear mirror. Whilst the sun was brilliant during the day around 7 pm it looked like it was about to rain. At this point of the evening, I was in a country lane with no other cars around so I slowed down and I was able to have the roof up within no time at all. This was such a smart move as it absolutely poured down. Many years ago I owned a convertible and the button would only work if the car was stationary. 

I took the MINI on the motorway with the roof down. For this journey, I used the removable wind deflector. This is supposed to make a great difference with noise and the wind. This is so easy to take out, you just lift up from the middle and the wind deflector goes in half. Once folded you can put this in the boot. 

MINI Cooper 2018 1.5 Somerset


The price for the MINI Cooper starts at £20,500 (Price given by MINI Westerly Bridgwater in Somerset at time of publishing. What do I think of the price? I feel this a fair price for such a funky car. The car is deceiving as it’s got a lot of power. The features are so stylish and luxurious.

Here is my MINI Cooper review on YouTube


What do you think of the MINI Cooper?

Disclosure – This is not a paid post. MINI Westerly Bridgwater did give me the MINI for the weekend to trial. All that is written is my own thoughts and words.

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