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Champagne Birthday April 2018

My Champagne Birthday April 2018 Champagne on a work night? well, it was my Birthday. Excuse my manners, Hello there and how have you all been? Here I am now another year older. Each person seems to look upon ageing differently. The other night I actually had to work out my age, it seems I … Continue reading Champagne Birthday April 2018

Aldi's Austin Summer Punch v Pimms

Review of Pimms V Aldi’s Austin’s Summer Punch

Review of Pimms V Aldi's Austin's Summer Punch Our English summer is still upon us.  Every year, we hear, a heat wave is coming! This year we have been blessed with some spectacular sunny days. Us Brits love our bright sunny days where we take to the supermarkets. We invest in new Barbeques, outside furniture, … Continue reading Review of Pimms V Aldi’s Austin’s Summer Punch