Bistro Pierre Weston-Super-Mare gluten-free

Bistrot Pierre – Weston-Super-Mare

Evening at Bistrot Pierre - Weston-Super-Mare Hello! or should I say BonJour! I recently attended Bistrot Pierre a French Restuarant in Weston-Super-Mare where I was kindly invited as a family to experience their new a la carte Spring/Summer menu. The last time I was at the Restuarant was about a year ago when I was writing about Weston-Super-Mare's … Continue reading Bistrot Pierre – Weston-Super-Mare

Weston -Super-Mare Seafront attractions

Weston-Super-Mare – Things to do

Insider's guide to things to do at Weston Super-Mare's seafront. Weston-Super-Mare - Things to do on the Seafront My alarm went off a bit too early for a Saturday Bank Holiday morning. I was keen to be at the seafront before all the tourists and families made their way into the town. Living in Weston-Super-Mare … Continue reading Weston-Super-Mare – Things to do