Bistro Pierre Weston-Super-Mare gluten-free

Bistrot Pierre – Weston-Super-Mare

Evening at Bistrot Pierre - Weston-Super-Mare Hello! or should I say BonJour! I recently attended Bistrot Pierre a French Restuarant in Weston-Super-Mare where I was kindly invited as a family to experience their new a la carte Spring/Summer menu. The last time I was at the Restuarant was about a year ago when I was writing about Weston-Super-Mare's … Continue reading Bistrot Pierre – Weston-Super-Mare

Gin and tonic Bombay sapphire

Gin! is this the new trendy drink?

Has Gin become the "IT" drink, leaving Prosecco behind? My taste buds seem to be changing all the time. Over the last couple of years, I have been a keen Prosecco lover.  On a special occasion, a bottle is popped, when there is something worth celebrating (does a Friday class as special?) Okay, so, Prosecco … Continue reading Gin! is this the new trendy drink?