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Hello. Thank you for clicking on to my website. My name is Tracey Tripp and I live in the UK. I have a super daughter and am very grateful for the life I have.  I try to eat as healthy as possible as I have a gluten intolerance which over the years I have tried to ignore but out of respect for my body, I try very hard to give it what it needs and not so much of what it dislikes. 

Due to my allergies, I try to cook from fresh as much as possible this way I am in control of what goes into my food.

I recently did a meditation course called 21 days to love your body which I found so insightful. Receiving 100% score on the certification also made my day! I have done diplomas also in Mindfulness and Holistic Image Consultancy and also received my certification in Mindfulness Meditation. I am currently studying Gi-Gong. (This is pronounced CHI- GONG) It is very similar to Tai-Chi. 

Most definately I am an adventurous soul that loves to travel and being by the beach. For many years I have studied the law of attraction and practised meditation. I have a belief that consciousness creates our reality. Controversial as it sounds I am firm on my belief.  One of my beliefs is that we are energies and depending on the vibrational frequency that you are omitting has a lot to do with how your life is around you and the people you attract. 

When I was younger aged 13 I was involved in a bad accident which triggered Sleep paralysis which led me to dig deeper into the unknown. Being 42 years of age now information is available at a touch of my fingertips. When I was at school we did not have the luxury of internet so I took to books and would pick up information where I could. 

My attitude to life is to be balanced and step out of your comfort zone and give something a try, regardless of what people might say about you. Life hasn’t always been easy for me and I am so pleased that I have overcome depression and made a new reality for myself. I have certainly attracted good and bad in my life. When I suffered there was definately more bad and a bit of self-destruction too. 

I hope readers will find my savvy, grounded and fun approach to life something they enjoy and will want to come back for more. 



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Tracey Tripp

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2 thoughts on “Tracey Tripp – About me

  1. Thank you for that. I hope you enjoy your blog and build a following of people who love your writing.

    My spelling and grammar has been omproving slowly over the years as I wtite a lot. However, I have never been very good at these skills. I am writing this on my smartphone but on my computer, I have installed Grammerly, a free app that helps a lot. It is not always right but with your obvious literacy you will spit the incorrect suggestions it offers. You can pay for an enhanced version but I see no need.

    I am well behind in writing my blog which I try to add to every month. Must do better.

    Again I wish you luck and enjoyment in your literary venture.

    Ian McCann MRPS

    1. Thank you Ian. I am a great believer that just because your not great at something, does not mean you shouldn’t give at ago and learn along the way. Thank you for your tips, much appreciated.


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