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A little bit about me, firstly, Hello and thank you for looking at my website. My name is Tracey, I live in Somerset and am lucky to be surrounded by the beautiful countryside. I write about food and drink, interiors (especially handmade) and life experiences.

I have a passion for home cooked foods and delicious drinks, whether it’s in a hotel, restaurant, or my own home. I am a great believer that you can eat nutritious meals within your budget. I look out for the best deals to ensure I get value for money.

One of my favourite past times is eating a delicious meal in a countryside pub, with it’s roaring fire in the winter and the smell of chimney fire that greets you in the crisp air outside.

As a working single career mother, I try to cook wholesome meals where possible. As a self-taught cook I look for good value produce, nothing to fiddly and minimal waste. My philosophy is, if I can try it, so can you.

With a love for many things luxurious, however, I also am a massive bargain hunter. Keeping my eyes open for a product which I know I can tweak to look amazing or I will find something I can upcycle.

You can follow my experiences on youtube also, I started my channel last year and every time I upload one I aim for it to be better than my last, I still find that every now and then a twang of west country accent slips out.

I am also a very proud co-owner of Country Accessories. This is a family business, my role here is the sourcing, buying, selling, content creating and in charge of all social media.

Picture of me above.

I hope readers will find my savvy, grounded and fun approach to life something they enjoy and will want to come back for more.

Please feel free to contact me.

Website information

I love what I do. My stats are improving and in my 4th month of blogging, my website had increased it’s views by 508%

I am on various social networks, please feel free to add me. All links are on the home page.



2 thoughts on “Tracey Tripp – About me

  1. Thank you for that. I hope you enjoy your blog and build a following of people who love your writing.

    My spelling and grammar has been omproving slowly over the years as I wtite a lot. However, I have never been very good at these skills. I am writing this on my smartphone but on my computer, I have installed Grammerly, a free app that helps a lot. It is not always right but with your obvious literacy you will spit the incorrect suggestions it offers. You can pay for an enhanced version but I see no need.

    I am well behind in writing my blog which I try to add to every month. Must do better.

    Again I wish you luck and enjoyment in your literary venture.

    Ian McCann MRPS

    1. Thank you Ian. I am a great believer that just because your not great at something, does not mean you shouldn’t give at ago and learn along the way. Thank you for your tips, much appreciated.


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