Why family is so important – My Sister

Why family is so important – My Sister

Why family is so important to me. There is that saying “you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends” This is so true. During my teenage years, I wanted a “normal family” It wasn’t until I reached my late teens that I realised that there is no such thing.

I am blessed with friends and have great work colleagues but I know no matter what I have the backing of a great family. Now, obviously, not all family members get on. I have an amazing relationship with my Mum and with my only Daughter, but I want to talk about my relationship with my sister.

My sister’s name is Jasmine and you cannot find two people which are more different. We are most definitely chalk and cheese. I work in Sales, love being creative and if there’s a party I am probably one of the last to leave, I could be chatting to someone for hours with absolutely no concept of time at all.  Jasmine works in payroll, on a night out, will ask the bartender if she can have a cup of tea and cannot wait to get home.


My sister Jasmine

However that being said, My sister is one of my best friends. We have such a strong bond. On average I reckon I speak to Jasmine once a day. Even though we live about 20 miles from each other, we find time for other. We have grown up supporting each other through thick and thin. In fact, Jasmine is always supportive of me,  her enthusiasm for anything that I do gives me a warm glow. I actually have 2 sisters, Hannah is my other sister and is just 16 years old so naturally, I am closer to Jasmine.

We have the strangest fallings out. We can argue badly at each other and if you were an outsider looking at us. You would think that any friendship would be damaged forever. Not us, we have had the biggest blow ups. We can literally scream at each other down the phone until one of us hangs up, I will shout something along the lines of “your never welcome in my home again” then within 30 minutes she lets herself in to my home, puts the kettle on and turns to me asking if I want a drink! It’s just so cheeky that it’s laughable which is what I do. 5 minutes later were nattering away like nothing has happened.

Although Jasmine and myself do not share the same fashion trends and are different on so many levels. We do share the same morals and we both have a taste for nice restaurants and places. One of Jasmine’s favourite things to do is to have a high tea. I am not much of a cake type person myself and avoid cream but we always end up in nice places. We both have such appreciation for our surroundings.

orient express why family is important
My sister and I on the orient express, British Pullman from London to Paris. My sister shown here

Jasmine has the kindest heart and is such a grounded person. Over the years, Jasmine has joined my Daughter and myself on many holidays, day trips, meals or just to chill out.

There is no way I could have been so successful at work without her help. In fact, without her help, I would have really struggled. When my daughter was younger, little things like being stuck on the motorway and not being able to get to the nursery to pick up my Daughter in time involved a call to Jasmine to ask if she could pick up my gorgeous girl. If my work load was so bad, my sister was kind enough to come round and give a hand with dinner and it was just nice for someone to make a cuppa whilst getting things done. For any single parent mum with a career, it is so nice to have that support.

I definitely do not take my relationship with her for granted. We all work hard but having quality time with family is so important. We have so many stories which we can both laugh at and sometimes cry.  I have learnt over the years that the work, life balance is so important. Family is so important.

I completely dedicate this blog to my sister, (aka my best friend, supporter)


sister blog why family is so important
Below is a picture of us, taken many moons ago. Jasmine on the left and I am on the right in the gorgeous green tights.

I saw this cup and one of the sayings it had printed on it “sisters are different flowers from the same garden” If you are looking for a gift for your sister, click on the image below.

why family is so important - Sister

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Here is a typical day out which shows my Sister and myself bickering. Video in Salcombe

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