5 Top Christmas Foods
Christmas Dinner table - looking all Festive

5 Top Christmas Foods


A Festive village scene
A Christmas village scene

The festive season is finally here!! Very soon I’ll be battling in the supermarkets with shoppers that are acting like shops will never reopen. It’s a familiar sight for me to see families with 2 trolleys at the check out spilling over with food.

What comes to your mind when you think about festive foods?

As soon as it gets really cold outside I generally want nice a nice warm dish. As during winter, I’m not much of a salad person.

My Best Festive Foods


Christmas Dinner table - looking all Festive
Christmas dinner table – looking all Festive

Is it wrong, that I am already planning the Christmas dinner plate? Yes, I am planning my plate. This year I am cooking the dinner at home. We have opted for traditional turkey and a Christmas Ham. Currently, I am thinking of making the ham, honey glazed. The turkey will have homemade stuffing (of course).

Christmas dinner for me has lots of vegetables. I’m such a veggie fan. Most of my home-cooked meals include plenty of vegetables. My list includes all seasonal vegetables which I will add a few sprouts too. Sprouts are not my favourite but it’s a physiological thing with me, that I feel they must be on my Christmas plate and besides I will eat them.

Roasties, I’m quite particular how I like them. My preference is to have them soft inside and nice and crunchy on the outside. Firstly, I boil until soft. With a fork I fluff the top part and drizzle a little oil on the top, then I will add seasoning and rosemary to enhance the flavour.

Over the last few years, I have cheated with Yorkshire puddings and bought them ready made. Due to allergies, I shouldn’t really eat them but I have one on occasion. Yorkshire puds will be going in the oven for sure.

Pigs in blankets are an absolute must-have. Problem is, I could snack on them all day long!

Gravy, this is really important. It can make a meal much more delicious. All my roasts involve using the meat and vegetable juices. unhealthy? Perhaps but the taste is amazing. I do buy a gravy mix, to help thicken my sauce. Recently I have bought a gravy mix which is gluten-free and it actually tastes alright. It’s nice to have gravy that didn’t leave my stomach all bloated and looking like I was 6 months pregnant.

Christmas dinner for me has to have cranberry sauce. The sweetness of the cranberries makes it the best condiment to accompany the meal. I also add a little bit of English mustard.

There will be plenty of leftover food, which I will make further dishes from. More than likely I’ll freeze the meat which should last us some time afterwards.


My Homemade Carrot & Pumpkin soup
My Homemade Carrot & Pumpkin soup

If you follow my Instagram and read my last post, you might think I am slightly addicted to soup. Well, this is slightly true. During Winter I have cravings for warm hearty meals. Due to working all over the UK which involves a lot of travelling, I have to be careful with my foods. Driving around for hours upon end doesn’t burn many calories.

Having homemade soup is a massive thumbs up for me during Winter. Quite often I’ll order a soup or will make my own. generally with a fresh bakery rustic roll. Yes, I am a soup dipper! I snuggle up on the sofa, with my cosy grey soft blanket, heating on and enjoy my winter warmer.

I recently started making my own delicious soups. You can also decide on whether you want your soup low calorie or to have it creamy. On the weekend I bought a soup blender to help.

With the Christmas leftovers, I’ll be happily experimenting with my soups.


Slow cooked rib of Beef
Slow cooked rib of Beef – Picture taken at the Willy Wicket, Bristol

That smell when you walk through the door to the smell of a beef casserole or stew. Heavenly! I have to stop myself from taking the lid off and eating it straight from the slow cooker.  The meat becomes so tender and moist….It’s dreamy. Nothing worse than looking forward to a bit of beef which you have to chew for ages. Thankfully, no chewing like a piece of old rubber happens in our house.

Recently, I went for lunch at the Willy Wicket in Bristol. I choose the slow cooked rib of Beef. This was gorgeous and very tender.

Slow cooked dishes, is a great way to use up your vegetables. I do this a lot.


Selection of Cheese
Selection of Cheese

Cheese is a massive downfall of mine all year round. At Christmas, I like to make sure a buy a few different types, especially, nice to have with a glass of port of Red wine. Not sure why but I only ever drink port at Christmas. Ruby port and red wine go so well with cheese, that’s my excuse.

I’ll happily make up a cheese selection with crackers, grapes, chutneys and a little bowl of olives. My favourite cheeses are the mature cheddar, camembert and brie.

When putting out a cheese board, I also include a bit of pate. I also love a bit of pate on top of crackers. The other day I choose duck and pork parfait. I was curious, as I didn’t know the difference between pate and parfait so googled it. There seemed to be conflicting information with this, but from what I gather it is more about how it is prepared. The parfait is pushed through a sieve which gives it a much more luxurious texture. I am still unable to tell the difference between a smooth pate and the parfait.

My cheeses get used in various dishes after Christmas. A very a quick and easy plate to prepare is a festive sandwich. Do you make festive sandwiches? One of my favourites is having Turkey, camembert (melted) with cranberry sauce. If you haven’t tried this, I recommend it. It’s gorgeous. If your not a bread lover it works just as well over a jacket potato.


Christmas Walnuts
Christmas Walnuts

Most people will be digging into their Christmas pudding over the festive period but not me. It surprises me, being a great lover of pretty much most foods that I stay away from the Christmas pud and the traditional Christmas fruit cake. It’s just not my thing.

You will find me quite merrily cracking nuts though. I eat almonds and cashews all year round. They are so good for you. Over the festive period, I’ll tuck into some walnuts and chestnuts. Just be careful when roasting your chestnuts, as a certain very close family member put her chestnuts straight into the wood burner, without cutting them first. Let’s just say, she’s lucky the glass doors are still intact!

I have added a link below for a nutcracker, if you have not got one.

As always I love hearing from, what’s your favourite Christmas foods?

T x

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