5 ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day when Single

5 ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day when Single

ValentinesdaySingle for Valentine’s Day? Now I’m not one to say Valentine’s Day is a load of old trash just because I am single, in fact, I love Valentine’s Day when I’m in love. I currently choose my single life but that’s not to say that on Valentines Day when all around people will be celebrating their love that I will not feel a tad sad that I am not part of the “someone loves you day”

I accept there will be no knock at my door delivering my amazing bouquet of flowers, On Wednesday night I will not be dining out, swapping cards and looking into someone’s eyes over a candlelit dinner whilst we share romantic times. This comes with choosing a single life.

When I say I choose the single life, I will explain what I mean. I have been very fortunate to have had offers but I haven’t been interested. I have been so busy lately that I wouldn’t have been able to give my all to a relationship. Life for me right now needs to be simple and drama free so until that spark happens with that special someone that says I’m a good and uncomplicated guy, the single life continues.

So where does this lead me on Valentines Day? Do I wallow in my own self-pity due to my life choices?  NO! Do I heck. I will crack on with the day just like normal. Do I believe that I will find love again? Absofreakinlutely! However, this got me thinking of ways to spend Valentines Day if your single.

5 ways to spend Valentines Day when single.

FRIENDS. If you have other single friends make a night of it, I mean why not 2 friends go for a meal out instead?

Friends Valentines Day

BUY A MEAL DEAL FOR 2  AND EAT THE LOT! see, being single means you don’t have to share. Adverts showing I can get a main, desert, bubbly and some other crap all for £20.00. Hmmmm a tempting option I have to say and that way I can still feel like I am part of the special day.

cake Valentines Day Inspired by T Tracey Tripp

GO SHOPPING. Most men that night in the supermarkets buying a meal for one are more than likely single, so maybe Valentine’s day for singles should be single shopper night? Come on Supermarkets, think up some marketing event and make it a thing! I really think the Supermarkets are missing a trick here.

Valentines Day supermarket shopping Tracey Tripp

TAKEAWAY AND NETFLIX. – why not have a night in, order a Chinese or a pizza and watch something really soppy or watch a film which makes you glad you are not in any relationship, do whatever makes you happiest.

Valentines Day - Takeaway popcorn Tracey Tripp Blogger

GYM TIME. Darn it, about 6 months ago I gave up my membership which my body is not happy about. If people are working out in the gym unless their the addictive ones that would go even if they lost a limb I would say it’s a safe bet that the ones in there are also single. Why not pop along and get a healthy workout and you might even meet a new friend that night too. As it’s February a lot of new people join in the new year so there will be plenty of new members happy to chat.

GYMTIME - Valentines Day Inspired by T

What will I do?

Well for Valentine’s day I thought I would show myself some love. I will cook myself something delicious just for me, I thought I would have a nice bath with a stupidly smelly bath bomb, I’ll light some candles and just take a couple of hours of downtime to myself. I will also smile at the fact that I have saved a few quid on a card and some money on a gift.

Happy Valentines to everybody.



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