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Hi, Thank you for taking a look at my Blog. I have never done anything like this and I am thrilled although slightly nervous as I have never been the greatest for my grammar nor spelling. Hurrah for spellcheck!

M272907_Tripp_CK-55Living in beautiful Somerset, every now and then a twang of west country accent slips out, which confuses people especially when I cover the entire UK for my work, as its just the occasional word that pops out, well unless I am in front of someone local!

I have wanted to share my words with the world for probably about the last 10 years and as I have become more mature and wise with having a kick ass attitude of “do it now”, I thought let’s do this. Trying to fit this in after work has proved a little difficult plus a fairly new regime of keeping fit and not to mention my lovable Daughter. Speaking of My Daughter who is at the age that if she isn’t out somewhere, then her bedroom is her domain and you see signs of life when food and drink is needed. I will blog about Parenthood for me in future.

I hope readers will find my grounded and fun approach to life something they enjoy and will want to come back for more.

So, why Inspired by T? I have a love for being inspired, I have always since a young teenager enjoyed a crisp new magazine (that beautiful smell of the newly printed paper) with new trends. Growing up this was the only way to see new trends and new items for the home before we could find everything out at a touch of a button. I still so enjoy that fresh smell of a new magazine though.

Seeing that special item which instantly caught your eye on the page, whether it was a set of new cups or a new cushion which meant I would have to buy it. This actually turned out expensive as I would then want to update the other items in the room. The cushion which was only £10 ended up a lot more as the room needed new ornaments or new pictures to suit the cushion. In some cases a whole new sitting room rug to match or much more. Shaking my head as I recall the numerous times I have done this. My love developed and I thought I would learn more to make my Home more beautiful and I am still studying a course in Interior Design.

I am a complete lover of all things luxurious, however, I also am a massive bargain hunter. Keeping my eyes open for a product which I know I can tweak to look amazing or I will find something I can up cycle.

A few years back I also did a diploma in Holistic Image Consultancy, I actually found this quite interesting to learn how people would be drawn to colours or by choosing the right colours to match a persons skin tone, it would illuminate their face.

Going back to my love on articles, I would also so enjoy trying out new ideas. I spend a fortune on creams and beauty products but there is someone special about trying the old wives tales. That face mask made from Kitchen ingredients that makes your skin silky smooth or buying beer just to pour over your hair! Yes, I have tried that too.

One day I will see a handmade item for the home and I will get this feeling inside that I must try something like this. I found myself creating all sorts.

Why Inspired by T? Well, firstly I found people would tell me that they have found me inspirational, gees, that sounds big headed when I write it. It was nice to be told I left people feeling buzzing or just that bit better about themselves.

Secondly, The feeling I had when I knew I had helped some one achieve a goal, or someone would come to me for advice on how to make something look better. I noticed my opinion mattered to people. This was my moment of being hooked.

Inspired by T was born!

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