Being myself on Instagram

Being myself on Instagram


I have a confession to make to you. The tail end of last year in 2018 I wasn’t being myself on Instagram. I was trying too hard to make my pictures suit my grid and my personality dwindled away from the account.

How long do you spend on social media?

I use Instagram a lot. On average I would say I would spend at least an hour a day on there engaging. You can now actually install an app which monitors the time spent on social media.

One of the apps I am aware of is Antisocial. I have been seeing other bloggers shocked by how long they use social media accounts. 

When I started using Instagram which was about 2 and a half years ago, which isn’t long considering how long it’s been around. 

Being myself on Instagram
I became hooked whilst on holiday in Lanzarote

Have to admit I am hooked on Insta and it is my favourite social media app. 

 Late last year, I noticed that I wasn’t being quite myself on there.  I started getting more concerned with how my thread looked.


Over the Summer I had visited lots of beaches and spent time exploring. Before the Summer my audience was a lot of foodies and I noticed when I posted a food pic my engagement wasn’t great. I started putting all my food pictures on my Insta stories instead.

being myself on instagram

Looking at my phone seeing my engagement had dropped. I felt discouraged. I remember thinking “hmmm best put another travel photo up as food no longer works” 

During October I found I had much darker photos due to the night shots and Halloween events. This did not look in keeping with my blue dusky thread that was there previously and I remember starting to worry that I would lose followers. 

Being myself on Instagram

Comparing myself to others

I also started comparing myself to others that had a theme throughout their grid. Hats off to you Insta users that can keep to a theme. I appreciate that this must take a long time having to make sure the theme/filters flow. 

Before Christmas, I then tried another approach I thought I would go for a checkboard approach. One positive quote on the grid, the next a photo and then another positive quote. You get the picture. 

Anyway, this did okay but I doing it for the wrong reasons, so I took the lot off. 

Sitting back I thought to myself what on earth am I worrying about? Instagram was my way of showing my life, foods, adventures and what not.

Being myself on Instagram

The algorithm with Insta is constantly all other the place. I gain and lose followers on a daily basis. When I look at the overall stats though it is a growing account, thankfully!

Over Christmas, I made the decision to just be me. If I can be me in day to day life, then I blinkin’ go back to being me on Instagram. Thing is, yes I enjoy the recognition, but I don’t need it to fulfill me. If you would like to read about our Christmas day CLICK HERE

Being myself on Instagram

Thank you for your support

I would, however, like to say a big thanks if you follow me on Insta and follow my blog. Really appreciate your support. 

Being myself on Instagram – So far….

Ever since I have gone back to just being me, I feel different. No pressure on will this photo lose me followers. I’m back to posting what I enjoy and enjoying the moment and of course seeing your Insta pics.


Being myself on Instgram


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