Birthday Celebrations – A 40th Surprise

Birthday Celebrations – A 40th Surprise

A Surprise Birthday for my Dearest friend Helen

It’s currently 6.55am and as I write this. I know I am still intoxicated from my best friend Helen’s surprise 40th birthday party which I attended last night. Keeping the party a secret hasn’t been easy. I haven’t been able to make normal plans with Helen to have a night out and having to find excuses not to meet up.

You can read Cooking for my best friend’s Birthday which shows what I did last year for Helen.

I have been looking forward to the event ever since her Hubby first messaged about it on a group chat. Dry January was not going to start for me on the 1st.  I felt that as I stayed at home New Years Eve I would use last night as my big celebration into the year and judging by how my head feels this morning, I didn’t disappoint.

Before I tell you what a tit I made myself, I’ll walk you through the evening from the beginning……….


Going out on a Sunday night for a meal and drinks, well that’s novel.  I booked my taxi knowing I planned to drink. The plan was to just have a couple! Yeah right.

I took the time to prepare for the evening with a nice long bubble bath and on the side, I had lit 3 vanilla scented candles. Laying back completely relaxed I used a new face mask from No.7 which my sister had bought me.  

Once out the bath and slightly shriveled on the fingertips, I covered my body in Versace Eros body lotion to match the perfume I would be wearing later that evening. After much thought on what to wear for the evening, I decided on wearing my trusty Karen Millen Black dress and my white fluffy throw. 


All Helen’s gifts were placed in a bag ready for the evening. I knew her husband had organised a cake for tonight but was pretty sure she might not have one for her actual Birthday. I bought a lovely Birthday cake from Waitrose which she could eat with just her family.

Birthday cake Waitrose Daisy

For her Birthday I bought her a lovely necklace from Goldsmiths, a small bottle of Prosecco with some chocolates and I made her a special candle. Inside her card, I put a lotto scratchcard which will hopefully bring some luck.

Birthday candle Handmade

The picture on the candle is an old one of us. This is taken from one of my Birthdays. 

Lifestyle blogger weston-super-mare


We were all told to be there for 7.30pm so I booked my taxi for 7 pm and was the first to arrive.

A long table was reserved for us.

Birthday celebrations weston-super-mare

Whilst I waited I ordered a large dry white wine with lemonade. 

Glass white wine restaurant weston-super-mare

It didn’t take long before the others arrived. One of Helen’s dearest friends came in with giant 40 balloons. We all sat down and waited for Helen’s appearance. 

Birthday balloons

Helen walked through the door a little stunned to say the least. She isn’t great on surprises.  

Birthday celebrations

Looking at the wine menu with my large glass which now was nearly empty. I opted for a bottle of white which was £18.50 instead of buying by the glass. From memory, I think a large house white with lemonade was £6.95 so a couple of glasses scenario was well and truly out the window.

The menu was quite vast and lots of dishes sounded delicious. Michelle one of Helen’s closest friends recommended their Lasagne which she had eaten before. 

The food came out and the dishes looked amazing. Complete food envy over Helen’s mum pork belly dish. 

Belly pork Birthday celebrations restaurant

My Lasagne which cost £10.95. It was super tasty. Michelle ordered chips as a side dish with her food, which she kindly shared. I would recommend having a side like garlic bread as although the Lasagne is nice and tasty, you need that extra something.  

Lasagne Michelanglo's weston super mare

“Black Pepper Miss” 

birthday celebrations weston super mare

I was still eating my dish when the cake came out and everyone broke into song. I happen to be a really slow eater.

Birthday cake Michelangelos weston super mare

The cake looked superb and tasted scrumptious. Well done to the Baker! 

As we sat there Helen was given a shot which she disliked. I was told to try and thought actually it was okay. The next moment a shot appeared for me, kindly bought by Helen’s friends.

Drinks weston-super-mare

After having this, I seem to have pulled Helen’s Mum out of her chair and proceeded to have an attempt ballroom dancing! Errrr there was no dance floor and in the background was classical music playing. 

More drinks

It was a Sunday night and the Restuarant wanted to close so, on we went looking for the next place. I was ultra classy and carried the wine bottle that I paid for. 

We ended up going into the Cabot Court Hotel for a few drinks. We were all quite jolly and ready for excitement. I say we, I mean me! 

Unfortunately, it was a Sunday night and although most of us had Monday off, the rest of weston-super-mare didn’t. We had a few laughs and then it was time to go home. 


Arriving home I felt sick. I decided to place myself next to the toilet just in case. This is where I nodded off! Being a responsible adult, I woke up to my 17-year-old daughter scolding me to get off the floor and get into bed!

Big thanks to Helen for a lovely birthday bash. 

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  1. Cute Waitrose cake! And I love the gifts you gave, especially the candle. We sometimes do scratch cards inside cards too, like at Christmas. And the cake during the meal… wow! What an awesome surprise birthday. You know it’s a good evening when you’ve made a tit of yourself in some amazing fashion and have a sore head as a reminder, a parting gift from the occasion! 😉
    Caz xx

  2. HAHAHA It could have been worse! Helen’s family and friends have only seen me on special occasions so I think they already think I’m a plonker. Oh well! It was a fab night and feeling slightly worse for wear today and so is the Birthday Girl 😀
    Thanks so much for your comment.

    T xx

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