Black Rose Cream Mask – Sisley – Review
Black Rose Cream Mask Sisley Review

Black Rose Cream Mask – Sisley – Review

Black Rose Cream Mask –  Sisley – Review

Black Rose Cream Mask Sisley

Whilst out shopping I was very kindly given a sample of the Black Rose Cream Mask by Sisley from the Lady who worked at the Sisley Counter. 

As it is beauty week on my YouTube and my blog I thought I would share my results. 

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I very bravely have done a full video which shows me with no makeup on applying the mask and the results after. This currently still uploading on YouTube and has been since 6 am this morning. 



The Mask goes on really easy and it has a beautiful smell. As the mask touched my skin it felt very refreshing. The Mask doesn’t harden it soaks into the skin. It states to leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes. I left the mask on for a good 20-25 minutes. In the end, you can barely see the Black Rose Cream Mask. It was a tad sticky but not too much before I had to wash it off.

It states on their website to just wipe the excess away. I did do this but had to finish it off with some water and a flannel to pat dry as I felt I needed to this. 

Black Rose Cream Mask review
Face mask on the skin which as you can see has really soaked in.


The Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask is £105.00 for 60ml. I worked this out to be roughly £7.00 per application. The most I have paid before is £40.00 for a well-known spa mask. This was a face mask pot which lasted for ages.

This is an expensive product aimed at the more affluent market. Personally, I go out of the way to get any product regardless of price if it works.


I found my skin did look more youthful and radiant which is a bonus. I did find however that after I had taken the Black Rose Cream Mask off with water, which may have affected the results due to their site just saying wipe away the excess, that my face needed a moisturiser which I didn’t expect. It didn’t leave it dry but my skin definately needed a tad of moisturiser. 

Black Rose Cream Mask Sisley
Results of my skin after the application.


The Black Rose Cream Mask does smell amazing. It did feel nice whilst on the skin. The product soaked into the skin, hopefully doing its magic. I did think my skin did look great afterwards.

My skin did feel much more radiant and visibly smoother which it claims the product will do for you.

Unfortunately, I didn’t follow the instructions fully by just wiping the excess away as this didn’t suit me. It is a nice product but I feel for the price it has a lot of competition out there for less money. 

Have you tried this? What is your favourite face mask?

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