Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum – Estee Lauder

Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum – Estee Lauder

Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum

Looking for a summery perfume? You really must have a try of the Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder. This is summer in a bottle!

I am quite fussy about the perfumes I wear. My preference is to match my perfume with the seasons and also some suit the daytime but not the night and vice versa.

Recently whilst at an Estee Lauder makeover, I was given the Bronze Goddess for me to try. When this was sprayed on to my skin my very first reaction was how beautiful this smelt. It reminds me of the luxury of Dubai probably due to its rose gold – bronze bottle and luxury tones. It also takes me back to having a spa treatment. One of my favourite past times is to visit a luxury spa and have a massage which uses essential oils. I was instantly taken back in my mind to a treatment room, with all senses receiving a beautiful massage and smelling the oils being applied to my skin. My Heaven!

I informed the Estee Lauder make-up artist about my flashback and it was explained that this would be the Bergamot and warm Amber. It also has notes of vanilla and coconut which stand out. 

Estee Lauder Mall, cribbs Causeway Bristol

Personally, I prefer my perfume not too strong and this suits me perfectly as it is not overpowering. Nothing worse than standing next to someone that absolutely reeks of perfume that I feel a headache coming on. 

The great thing about the perfume is that I can wear it day and night which is a bonus. An extra bonus is that I have been complimented on my perfume and have been asked which perfume I have on. Who doesn’t like a compliment, right?

I like to share my experiences with friends and get there feedback too. My friends had a bit of squirt and they were shocked by how nice it was and they felt it was a more modern fragrance compared to the some of the other Estee Lauder fragrances. 

The bottle looks amazing in the bedroom but I do keep having to wipe it as I leave visible prints. The bottle is so on trend at the moment with its rose gold – bronze appearance, you can actually have the perfume out as an accessory.

The perfume I generally wear is the Versace Eros Pour Femme Eau de Parfum which is approximately £74.00 for 50ml and this according to the day this was published on the Boots website the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum is £57.00 so not too bad on price! 

Have you tried it? What do you think? 

Bronze Goddess Estee Lauder Mall Bristol





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Disclosure – This item was gifted. This post is written purely with my own thoughts.

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