Christmas 2018 with the family

Christmas 2018 with the family


Part 1

Christmas 2018 was the fastest Christmas I have experienced. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that we were kindly invited to my sisters and her boyfriends to spend Christmas as a family.

In December I took time off from my blog which I wrote about here.

My Daughter and I awoke about 8.30am on Christmas morning. A little lay in was just perfect. As I opened my eyes, a sense of excitement came over me. You would think that at 42 years of age that I wouldn’t feel like a child but I can’t help it. 

We both came downstairs where we cuddled up on the sofa with a super soft grey throw. Switching on the Christmas tree lights that instantly lit the tree and made the sitting room feel that “Christmas magic” I flicked through the tv channels to find something festive to add some background Christmas ambience. 

All nice and cosy and holding my morning coffee which felt lovely and warm on my hands. My Daughter Natalia was the closest to the gifts and she started collecting them from the tree and then putting them on top of the throw for us to open.

Christmas isn’t about gifts as far as I’m concerned and I will share with you what we received. I’m far from being someone who is trying to show off and be all like “oh look what we got”

I do though want to show you as lots that were received will be blogged about and besides I’m thrilled to bits with what we were given and gave.

I loved watching her open her gifts. This year I gave her a new watch, jewellery, and make-up. Each gift was opened with care and embraced before moving onto the next. 

Christmas 2018 presents Blogger

Dior Christmas 2018

Under the tree were a few gifts from my Dad to Natalia, he’d bought her a few Ted Baker make-up sets. As strange as it sounds my gift from Dad was 2 new mid-range tyres so they were already on the car. This year I opted for what I needed rather than what I wanted from him. Very practical indeed!

Ted Baker Christmas presents 2018

However, although I asked this year for what was needed rather then what was wanted. I did really well and felt extremely spoilt.  I was absolutely thrilled to open my Estee Lauder gift set. A definite blog post to come from this!

Estee Lauder Christmas

Yes! I finally received a Black Opium perfume box set, something I have not asked for but love the smell of so much. 

Christmas Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

During the gift opening, we kept cat treats by us, this was to make sure the cats were also enjoying their Christmas with us.

After we had opened our gifts, it was time for us to leave for Christmas Dinner.


Firstly I stopped at Natalia’s Grandparents on route to my sisters. We exchanged gifts (that we would open later) Gave hugs and Christmas blessings. Then on we went on our merry way. 

We finally arrived at my Sister’s. Pulling up outside their farmhouse, the sheep outside gave us a “bahhhhhhhh” welcome. The views are normally stunning but it was really foggy and super cold. We rushed into the house where their dog Jake came and greeted us. I had to keep going back to the car to unload the presents. 

Christmas 2018 Farm sheep

Christmas dinner was nearly ready and the aromas filled the air whilst John and Jasmine were opening the oven and Aga doors. Natalia and I went into the Sitting room and placed all the gifts under the tree.  A few minutes later Jasmine and John came to join us and we started exchanging gifts whilst dinner was nearly ready.

Christmas tree 2018

At the time we also opened gifts from Natalia’s Grandparents and her family. 30 minutes after arriving and we had trashed the sitting room.

Christmas 2018 Blogger

I was thrilled to receive the Estee Lauder blockbuster beauty gift set. I haven’t received one of these for a few years.  Honestly, lots of beauty blogs coming in 2019!

Estee Lauder gift set Christmas 2018

After we had exchanged gifts, the food was just about ready to be served, so we headed for the Kitchen. Jasmine and John had worked very hard to prepare a delicious Christmas feast.  A huge thank you to them!

Christmas dinner 2018

We had a great time and after decided to burn off some calories by us all taking the dog for a walk. 

As soon as we came back we went into the Sitting room and vegged out, where we nibbled on Christmas treats and made each other laugh.

Ever since my sister has moved away, I don’t see her as much as I used to and I value this time immensely. 

I also really missed seeing Mum on Christmas Day but we thankfully spent time with her straight after Christmas.

How was your Christmas day? Did you spend it with loved ones?

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  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas! I always ask for practical things… like thay I have my money to spend on what I want ha!

    Lola Mia x

    1. It really was. I’m glad I’m not alone 😂 hope you had a super Christmas Lola xx

  2. Really enjoyed reading about your Christmas Day! It sounds perfect!🎄❤️ I love those Estée Lauder blockbuster beauty gift sets but I bet it’s been 20 years since I’ve had one! I got a lot of makeup too & some lovely picture frames & a jade roller! I agree with you that it isn’t about the gifts. The best part of Christmas Day for me is watching everybody else open gifts, spending time with family and dinner!👌

    1. Thank you Susie. Sounds like you had a great Christmas too. A jade roller? I fancy one of those too. It is so nice watching others open their gifts, I do completely agree with that. I think life is so full on, it’s just nice to enjoy each others company.

      T xx

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