Clinique Product Review at Cribbs Causeway

Clinique Product Review at Cribbs Causeway


I was invited to the Clinique Product Review for “You Time” Blogging event. After attending the last Beauty event I made sure on my arrival I had not refreshed my make-up, even though it was the end of the day and needed doing. I knew they would be taking it straight off, so I just didn’t bother.

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Arriving at the Clinique counter,  I was greeted by Tom, one of the Clinique’s representatives. Now, as most of my readers will know, I am a UK National Key Account Manager during the day and service means so much to me. I instantly liked Tom due to the fact he greeted me by name and remembered me from my prior visit. Little touches like this are so important to me as a consumer.

Sitting down, nice and relaxed I was offered cucumber water from the dispenser. I felt this really fitted the look of the Clinique counter. I had my remains of makeup removed. Tom, applied a very gentle 2 in 1 micellar cleanser gel and light makeup remover to my face. This went around the eyes and didn’t sting once. What surprised me most was the fact that he needed a few cotton wool pads as the dirt kept coming off! Which was a bit embarrassing. I thought I was pretty good with my strict cleansing routine.

Clinique Product Review at Cribbs Causeway


The sonic brush was used on my face. The brush its self is not abrasive and Tom explained how this cleanses deep into the pores without damaging the skin. I asked about the other versions on the market and what makes clinique’s so different. I was advised that others have been known to stretch the pores. The sonic brush comes as a set. I did feel that my skin had a “deep clean”. A few days after the event I did break out with a few spots, which is rare for me. I sometimes may suffer from 1 but had 4 in one go, which didn’t thrill me.  As I have only used this product once, it’s hard for me to say it was definitely an effect from having this “deep clean” though.  £79.00


Clarifying lotion no.3 was then applied. I love these bottles that just look so clean and fresh. Clarifying lotion is actually a exfoliant which I did not know. I always thought this was just a toner.  Tom told me how this is kind enough to the skin to be used daily £27.50 400ml

Clinique Product Review at Cribbs Causeway


The dramatically different moisturiser was then applied to my face. Currently Dramatically different is the UK’s no.1 moisturiser. One sold every 5 seconds, which is amazing. I personally think that the price is spot on for 125ml £30 (Boots)  If I compare this to my current cream which is No.7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced day cream which is £25 for 50ml. I never actually picked up on how little cream I was actually getting for my money until today. I have just found a saving to my skincare range without trying. The great thing I found about dramatically different is it soaks straight into the skin and does not feel greasy at all. I have combination skin so this is great for me. £30.00 125ml
Clinique Product Review at Cribbs Causeway


 I also tried Moisture surge hydrating supercharged concentrate which hydrates your skin instantly. It has little beads which contain vitamin c and e. I really like the sound of this plus it did feel nice on my skin. This is a product I would like to try over a week or more to see the difference to give a more accurate opinion. I was told the beads are soft enough for the eye area and it also acts as a primer. £34.00 48ml


At the time of publishing this (August 2017)  there is an offer at Clinique where if you buy 2 items (one from skincare or foundation) you receive a gift set shown below. If you purchase a 3rd product, you would also receive the Jonathan Alder eyeshadow kit and the smart night custom moisturiser. Being the Person that loves a good deal I would make sure I took advantage of these offers as I would be getting so much more for my money.

Clinique mall Boots cribbs causeway Bristol

Clinique has teamed up with designer Jonathan Alder, the summer products look quite bold and funky.

Clinique Mall Cribbs Causeway Bristol

My overall experience of Clinique from looking at their products and chatting with the Clinique representative is that Clinique is aimed at everyone. They have products for Men and Women of all ages, with different skin types. Clinique does a free diagnostic of your skin which helps you pick the right products, which is perfect for those that suffer from skin complaints. I never knew that when Clinique was first developed it was a prescription-only product.

I definitely think that there are a few products that Clinique’s pricing is much better than most perceive it to be.

Whilst I was there I witnessed a couple come over and greet Tom with such familiarity. When he returned to me, I asked if that they were friends or family. Yes, I am that nosy! I was told that it was one of his Customers. Going back to what I have said at the beginning about service, this speaks volumes. Clinique seems massive on looking after their Customer’s which makes people return. It’s hardly surprising that with a good product and a high level of service that their moisturiser is no.1. in the UK.

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Held at Clinique, Boots, The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol

Clinique Product Review at Cribbs Causeway


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