Personalised and Handmade Gifts I gave at Christmas

I’m an avid fan of DIY Gifts. Handmade or personalised gifts mean so much to me. The thought that goes into the gift is beautiful and heartwarming. 

Each year whether for Christmas or for special occasions such as Birthdays I try to do something personal alongside a bought gift. This Christmas just gone, (11 days have passed already since Christmas! Time is flying) I made lots and lots of candles for friends and family. I mentioned this on my last post, Christmas 2018 with the family 

Handmade Candles – DIY Gifts

Candle Handmade gifts


I have been making candles for years and before Christmas, I did a survey regarding candles. The feedback that came back was 95% of people bought a candle on the smell alone. They wanted a smelly candle that smelt each time it was lit and it was long-lasting. 

In December I was making candles with any spare time I had and then set to work printing and gluing the labels on. 

These candles have been so gratefully received. It makes it so worthwhile when you get messages about how happy people are with the gift. It’s nice to think I’m making my friends and families’ home smell divine.

Candles are tricky to make as you are working with hot wax. I use the double boiler method. Full caution is needed at all times.

Wax can be bought in most larger craft stores and the accessories that are needed for it. 

Aloe Vera Plants – DIY Gifts

In the kitchen, I have a very large Aloe Plant which I once bought as a small plant in Lanzarote Airport. In September/October I noticed little Aloes in the pot. I placed each of the Aloes in some water where the roots grew very nicely. I then potted them in some topsoil and nurtured them. 

In December I found some pots in the shop and with a bit of decorative gold sprinkled around these plants were ready to go.

We use our Aloe Vera Plant for mostly spot outbreaks. We cut a little off and use the sap the inside. Aloe Vera is so good for you. The smell is rather pungent but if you can get through that part then you’re on a winner for your skin.

This is such an inexpensive way to give a thoughtful gift. You don’t even have to buy pots, you could reuse an old baked bean tin. Once the label is removed and cleaned up old tins look super effective also. 

One Christmas I gave my friend’s children Pepper plants that I grew from seed. I bought them the normal toys and things but I also wanted to give them something they would care for. The children loved them and I would be sent pictures of the child looking after it to finally picking their ripe pepper.

Fine China Cups filled Chocolate Treats – DIY Gifts


Argghhh, I put a ton of pictures up on my Instagram stories whilst I was preparing the cups. Seems I haven’t saved them. The video above shows a cup filled treats that I prepared for a Birthday which is basically the same.

The first item I bought was cellophane. Poundland is brilliant for crafty projects. I bought my cellophane which had tiny snowflakes on the roll. 

As a little treat. I also bought fine china mugs.  The design was a fantastic dupe of Cath Kidston. Thought it would be a lovely idea to fill them with chocolate treats. 

I went to Hotel Chocolat and bought the chocolate selectors which cost £3.95 each. If you look around you can generally find a bar of nice chocolate for a lot less. 

Whilst doing our shopping in the local supermarket I picked up a bag of mini Crunchies. This was a great deal as a bag of mini Crunchies were on offer to £1.99. Each cup I placed 3 mini crunchies in.

I still wanted to make it a little more festive so off I went to Home Bargains and bought miniature candy canes. I placed 4 of these cute candy canes around the edges of each cup.

Once all the chocolates were inside the cup, I wrapped the festive cellophane around each cup, then, using a Christmas foil ribbon to secure it. The cellophane at the top was all frayed. I gave the cellophane a quicks trim and placed each of the cups in a small paper bag. Voila! 

A great little gift. I think this would also work well to give a hot chocolate gift set. You can pick up the sachets of hot chocolate from supermarkets and fill the cup with some marshmallows, add a bit of chocolate. Job done!

Do you like Handmade gifts? Let me know your DIY gifts?

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  1. I think handmade shows such effort and thought, they’re definitely great gifting ideas! I’d never thought of an aloe plant for spots, I have used aloe products before but having a plant is an interesting idea! Might have to try something handmade for my mum’s birthday this year as an add-on gift, make things a little different and more special 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. Thanks Caz, Definately recommend Aloe for your skin. I’m such a lover of handmade gifts, please let me know what you make for your Mum’s birthday. T xx

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