Fear Avon Valley in Bristol Review

Fear Avon Valley in Bristol Review


Do you like scary rides? or does the idea of attending a fright night sound just your cup of tea? if it is then Fear at Avon Valley in Bristol is right up your street. 

This is the fifth year that the event has run. The owners have put so much time and effort into getting your fear senses going. During the year they go to America and get as many ideas as they can to really play with your senses!

There are live action mazes. Each one has 10-12 stage Actors inside. 

Now, if you thinking “Nah not for me, going into a maze and just having people jump out on you” you couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of effort is put in not just to make you scream but play with your mind.

Each one of the mazes has things that will trigger your senses. You’ll notice as you enter that they have added scents for inside to what I can only imagine is to make it more real or trigger an old memory. This gives your sense of fear a new level for you to experience.


Phobia scared me the most! It starts with them putting you in a coffin (upright) and then the fun begins. I didn’t like it! This was way too scary for me. This is not for the faint-hearted. In fact, a few people helped us as we got scared! Big thanks to them! Natalia and I were so pleased when we got through the exit and into open space.

Phobia is spine-chilling


Fear Clowns Avon Valley Bristol review

There is so much going on at the Park. There are tons of scary looking characters all around which I may add creep the hell out of you. I turned around a few times and found someone stood behind me. It is so interactive. I put lots of footage on my Instagram and on my facebook of the fun moments.

Fear Avon Valley review 2018

Wouldn’t you be scared if suddenly you became aware that you can hear heavy breathing behind you to see this creepy clown looking straight at you?

FEAR Avon Valley Review 2018

I filmed on Facebook what I have named “Hammer Man” run with it’s huge hammer up to my daughter, who slipped and fell. Winning mother of the year, I was in stitches. It was hilarious to watch.

They also put a show on the stage quite frequently throughout the night and there are bursts of flames and music. 

There are quite a few bonfires which are gated off, due to the cold evenings, this helps warm up.


Fear Avon Valley review 2018

I was kindly given 2 VIP tickets to experience Fear. The tickets would normally cost £45.00-£55.00 each. From what I gather the earlier you book the cheaper any of the tickets are sold at. They only have a certain number available for each evening so you would need to be book early.

What do you get? Well, a normal ticket price is from £17.00 – £25.00. I have just looked online and most dates are now showing at £20 – £25.00.

Being a VIP you skip the queue, you just walk straight past. I noticed a sign which shows the wait times. The opening night we were there the wait time was between 45 minutes to 1 hour for one of the mazes.

VIP also gives you quick entry into the park. We arrived for 5.30pm and the queue for entry was pretty long. 

When you are in the park there is a VIP room which has its own bar and complimentary soft drinks. It has a popcorn machine which you are able to scoop your popcorn into a bag and add salt or sugar if required. On a table laid sweets which were very fitting to the evening. Weird squishy faces and worms, that kind of thing. 

The event is on from the 19th – 31st October.


Fear Avon Valley Review 2018

Hmm, I am not a lover of creepy clowns but I was okayish with this one. An Old lady greets you and as you enter the house it stinks of mould. Very clever! I was wearing a cape that night, not a superman type obviously, just a soft black cape with a button held by the neck. I nearly died in here because my daughter would pull on my cape through complete terror nearly strangling me.

The mirror part was like something from a horror film and right at the end was the worst! I actually had my hands over my ears at this point and was just focused on getting out whilst being strangled by my daughter still pulling on my cape.


I think I have a nervous laugh as I laughed sooooooo much that my face hurt. So strange as I was quite scared a fair few times.


Fear Avon Valley review 2018

The Actors in the maze actually help you, so if they grab you and they try to put you in a certain direction go with it. If you hurt the actors you will be immediately removed from the park. There are cameras everywhere inside the mazes. 


X4 was like a military base maze. I personally would recommend doing this one first to ease yourself into the evening. You are in for a bumpy ride!


Unfortunately, when we were about to try this one there was a technical issue and they informed us it would be a 30-minute wait so we walked away. I was able to see the maze though as it is outdoors. It was long corn and I had flashbacks of old films that involved people hiding in the corn. We could of gone back but we wimped out.


We literally opted out of this as by this time of the night we had been quite intimated by our own minds going into overdrive in the mazes. We heard the sounds of a chainsaw at the end of the maze and people running out screaming and we just couldn’t put ourselves through it.


Constantly entertaining. A night I will not forget. The following night I had such weird dreams that involved aspects of the evening. I thought we were pretty brave in general but this event did scare me. The one that got me the most was Phobia. 

Click here if you wish to visit Fear at Avon valley’s website.


I was given tickets to experience the event, however, this is my thoughts and feelings regarding the event. 

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How is your fear factor? Have you been to an event like this before? Could you handle the hair rising and blood-curdling event?

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