Friends make me Happy – Great for my wellbeing

Friends make me Happy – Great for my wellbeing


Friends make me happy. It has taken me many years to get a really good friendship group. I never will be or do I want to be someone who has a huge group of friends. 

Being happy with my small close group is enough for me. I like to keep a nice balance on things. My daughter is amazing and is my friend but for now, I’m talking to you about the ladies whom I share all sorts with. These are power ladies have kept me going when things have been extra tough.

What I like the most is that there is no judgment. There is no superficial fakery between us or any of us trying to get the upper hand on each other. Each one I trust and I am able to be myself with completely. 

Jasmine – Friends make me happy 

I have 3 close friends.  Jasmine my sister who I would describe is like an elderly lady in a young body. Jasmine is that lovely Aunt that owns a silly amount of teapots and drinks a lot of tea. If Jasmine plans something you know it generally includes having a cream tea somewhere or a walk over the hills.

Friends make me happy
Jasmine and her boyfriend John

Think of a fine English cottage with lots of roses with a Mad Hatters Tea party in the back garden and you have Jasmine. 

friends make me happy
Jasmine to the left. Me on the right.

 I wrote about Jasmine in Why family is so important 

Helen – Friends make me happy

Only yesterday did I write all about Helen’s Birthday Celebrations – A 40th Surprise. I have known Helen ever since my daughter was 5 months old and shared many memories. Helen has 2 boys and has a husband. The travel bug hit Helen many years ago and it is hard to ever find a time when she hasn’t already booked her next adventure. We have been on quite a few holidays together and we plan on having more adventures together. 

Friends make me happy

Helen has the most amazing traits of being probably the most loyal and trustworthy person I have ever met. She is super practical but in a non-boring way. I have spent many an hour clothes shopping with her. We generally have the same taste. In fact, over the years we have bought each other the same gifts for Christmas.

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Laura – Friends make me happy

My other friend is Laura. Laura is Mrs neat and tidy and highly organised. It’s hard to find Laura sat still as she generally has something going on. Laura’s tends to have a style of a Horse owner without trying to stereotype. You can usually find Laura in a Barbour coat or the latest Joules jacket with nice boots and an expensive handbag. 

Friends make me happy
Helen to the left and Laura on the right

Think the last time I wrote about Laura was when we visited St Audries Bay together. 

Friends make me happy


I flippin’ love my close friends and spending time with them is great for my wellbeing. Honestly, after a bit of a chinwag and a few laughs, I feel right as rain. Come to think about it what an odd expression. Like I say it’s taken years for this to be the case.

Nothing worse than seeing someone and somehow they’ve sucked the life energy from you or you are left feeling less than you are. All my friends take me as I am and make me feel valued.

What about you, do you have a big circle or a small circle of friends? 

All of these ladies are Godparents to my Daughter. 

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