GCSE Results 2018 Worle Community School. Finally, the wait is over.

GCSE Results 2018 Worle Community School. Finally, the wait is over.


Finally, the wait is over. As a Parent, I am so thrilled the GSCE results have been published.

My Daughter Natalia passed which was absolutely brilliant. I was also pleased that her worry and fear of the unknown had finally come to an end.

I found other parents speaking about the end result but I found no one really speaking about the stress and strain that the young ones were going through. 

GSCES Results August 2018. Worle School

It had been a touchy subject at home. Natalia has been quite anxious about the results. If I mentioned the GSCE results, I was asked if we could talk about something else.


Before Natalia left School she had Prom Night and this had a such an air of excitement. As soon as Prom was over the wait was about to begin for the results. No matter how encouraging I was or how I would reassure her Natalia was worried. The wait for her must have felt like internity. 

I wanted to wave a magic wand and take her stress away. 

GCSE RESULTS August Worle School

Natalia had worked hard studying. We would go over flash cards with revision notes and she had a strict schedule. Having a Schedule worked well for her.

GCSE Results August 2018 Worle School

I bought her a diffuser for her room whilst studying. The diffuser was a colour changing lamp which we would add essential oils too. The lavender oil worked best. This really helped her get a good night sleep. I really recommend this.


GCSE Result Day

That Morning Natalia was up early and had made her way to the School to collect the results. I wished her tons of luck. Natalia was so grateful for the words. I asked her to call me as soon as she knew.

My phone rang and Natalia was in tears and spoke in a broken voice. The tears were ones of complete joy!

I have had to make myself familiar with the new grading system as the grades have changed. Due to the fact, Natalia had achieved the grades Worle School gave her £20.00. Have to say this certainly added to the happiness.

When Natalia arrived home with signs of tears that had streamed down her face, she showed me her grades. I was so proud of her. Thing is, I am so proud of her anyway.

If you do not pass Maths, then you retake it at College. Natalia was delighted that she had seen the last of GCSE Maths. 

The results she obtained has meant she is able to do the course that she has chosen at College.

I presented her with a card from myself which was from Old English Prints The card on the outside said “So Proud”. Inside I had written “I never doubted you. I knew you could do it” She was so thankful and I gave her a massive hug. 

I also gave her some chocolates and fresh flowers. 

For the evening I had prebooked a meal at Pizza Express in Weston-Super-Mare. That evening was so lovely, we sat chilled out and had lots of laughs.

I wish my Daughter all the luck in the world on her success and her new life at College.

Did your child get anxious? 

GCSE Results Worle School Weston-Super-Mare



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