Gin! is this the new trendy drink?
Gin is the new "IT"drink leaving prosecco behind.

Gin! is this the new trendy drink?

Has Gin become the “IT” drink, leaving Prosecco behind?

My taste buds seem to be changing all the time. Over the last couple of years, I have been a keen Prosecco lover.  On a special occasion, a bottle is popped, when there is something worth celebrating (does a Friday class as special?) Okay, so, Prosecco became my weekend drink.

Everyone seemed to be drinking it! There also seemed to be many quotes that were selling for the home as gifts. “Don’t worry, have prosecco” etc. They were everywhere. In fact, I have some paper napkins with such a quote.

Gin & tonic trendy drink
Gin is the new “IT”drink leaving prosecco behind?

We have been a nation of fizzy wine drinkers! Prosecco was also much fairer on the wallet than a bottle of champers. Both are fizzy wines, that come from different places that grow different grapes. I’m such a bargain hunter I would generally look out for Prosecco when it was half price. This only meant spending £6-7 on a bottle. Prosecco seemed like the trendy drink.

Looking at the statistics recently online and Proscecco has been ahead in sales to Champagne. In fact, according to the City AM website, it states we drunk a third of a BILLION in Prosecco. WOW! That’s a lot of fizz. However, will this trend continue?

For the first time this year, I tried Gin, which I have with Indian slimline tonic. Oh, my days! I really should have started drinking this years ago. I love it and as I am new to the Gin world I have so many to discover.  Recently I bought some cocoa Gin which was part of a gift box I put together, please see Movie night in a box I was so tempted to try this. However, I digress.

Cocoa Gin from Hotel chocolat
Cocoa Gin from Hotel Chocolat

One night, I realised, I hadn’t drunk Prosecco for many months so I thought I would have a miniature bottle which was the equivalent to a large glass. That night as I poured my fizzy dry Prosecco, watching the bubbles fill my glass, I felt a touch of anticipation. Taking my sip of Prosecco and the fizz hitting my tongue, a drink I certainly would normally enjoy, I  had this sudden feeling of disappointment. You know that feeling when you have worked yourself up to taste something amazing only to find out it’s not that great. The taste just didn’t do anything for me.

Why? I had drunk this particular brand many times before and loved it but right now it just didn’t float my boat.  So, not one to waste the drink, I polished it off and thought I’d best stick to a glass of Gin or maybe I should add something to the Prosecco to give me my wow factor in the future.

I started to talk to others about my new choice of drink and how it had replaced my Prosecco. Obviously, the two drinks are very different however oddly enough I wasn’t alone. I had various conversations about it with work colleagues, clients and friends and family. Everyone was saying the same, Gin was their choice of drink and they no longer had any interest in Prosecco. Instead, People now were now talking about which new trendy Gin bar they were attending on a weekend, what new Gins were on the market or picking sloe berries to make their Sloe Gin.

Gin festivals also seemed to be so popular this year.  Maybe these festivals have always been popular. Was I hiding under a rock before?

Recently, I was on a spa day at the Mercure Holland House in Cardiff and whilst sweating any impurities out of the skin in the sauna, I am sure, I am creating a wonderful image of myself here! I was telling my close friend about how Gin was now the “IT” drink. Well, this then sparked a conversation with a random couple who literally reiterated what I had been saying and they started advising on the best Gins to try.

Gin and tonic Mecure Holland House Hotel Cardiff
Gin and tonic at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff

One evening, I popped into a small trendy wine bar in Weston-super-mare and ordered a Bombay Sapphire Gin. This Gin is definitely one of my favourites, so far  The Bartender also added some juniper seeds to my gin which really added to the look. Can I just say, I never recommend eating one. If you have been given some as decoration, trust me. Leave them alone.

Bombay Sapphire Gin & tonic
Bombay Sapphire Gin and tonic served on ice with juniper seeds.

Whilst in the wine bar I thought I would ask the Bartender his thoughts on whether Gin is replacing Prosecco. I was informed that more people were ordering Gins and Prosecco was not as big as it once was. It seems to be Gin is considered to be more classy than the Prosecco.

I have added a link above if you are looking to order Gin online. I personally recommend this one.

What are your thoughts? Do you still like your Prosecco or have you found yourself also ditching it for Gin? Maybe you started mixing Gin and Prosecco?

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