Gousto box review

Gousto box review

Gousto box review

This is my first Gousto box review. I recently received my first ever Gousto box.

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Gousto Box Review

Slightly apprehensive about ordering as I like to decide on a night what I will cook. I considered, my food shop is probably 2 hours out of the week. The time I pick the foods in the shop, car journey and putting the food away back home, not to mention the stress of finding a space in the car park.

Currently, I am working a full-time career, sole provider for my Daughter, studying and blogging plus I make sure I look after my well-being by doing some meditation or activity plus other responsibilities. Time for me is precious.

Taking the plunge, I ordered 3 recipes for 2 people which I thought would be suitable for a teenager and myself. I have video’ed some of the cooking.

Gousto Box Review 

I ordered:-

  • Cheaty chicken kiev
  • Tuna Mac N’ Cheese with balsamic salad
  • Moroccan lamb lasagne

When I saw the chicken breasts in a vacuum plastic pack I really didn’t think there was a lot there. Actually, it was 400g but with Gousto they actually do not pack the food in big containers and waste lots of packaging. In fact, if the amount of packaging that is used in the supermarkets irritates you, then this would be perfect for you. The meat is packed in protective wool cool which can be reused for pet’s bedding or upcycled.

Youtube link below. Check it out, it shows how the meals end up looking.

First, we cooked the cheaty chicken kiev which was actually pretty easy. There was plenty of food for the meal, in fact, One chicken Kiev and lots of mash were put in a container for the following day. Lunch was sorted!

It was also strangely satisfying listening to the noise of when I placed the floured egged chicken breast into the plate of breadcrumbs. My daughter is fussy but she loved the Kiev she just didn’t think much of the broccoli mash.

The tuna mac n’ cheese with the balsamic salad made enough for 4 people. We actually had this the following night also due to how much was left over. Quite strange I thought to add sugar to the balsamic salad, however, it was really nice. This took just a bit longer than 35 minutes which I wouldn’t normally do for a tuna dish.

Completely my fault but I didn’t get to make the Moroccan lamb lasagne. I should have made this one as one of the first dishes. From the time of the delivery, it only had an expiry date of 4 days. So bit disappointed with myself there.

I did enjoy the food a lot. I will be doing other Gousto box reviews.

I do have another box which has arrived and looking forward to all new recipes to cook and taste.

My aim of having my blog is to inspire others.

If you would like to work with an Inspiring Blogger please feel free to contact me. I do hope you will read my other posts for more Inspiration.

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