Grow a gift – that will not cost you a penny

Grow a gift – that will not cost you a penny

Grow a gift

How to grow a gift that will not cost you a penny!!! That’s right I gave a few gifts that cost me nothing and they loved it.

Giving handmade gifts or personal gifts is something I really enjoy. I have quite a few friends with young children and it’s nice to give them something different instead of the normal toys.

 I came up with an idea for a gift and guess what? it cost nothing at all! All that was involved was a bit of care each week. I decided to give the children a homegrown vegetable plant to look after. I thought this would teach them to care and nurture for something and they could watch it grow. Also, they could eat what they had grown which would encourage them to try peppers.

This was such a good idea! During this year I have received photos from my friends showing their children caring for their pepper plants and being told they love it.

Items I used:-

  • I used a Heinz baked bean tin (washed thoroughly) those tins I found came up the best and really shiny.
  • Fertiliser soil which I had in a bag outside.
  • Seeds from the inside of the pepper which I had used for cooking.
  • Twine and tags which I had in my arts and crafts draw

Honestly, how simple is this? You just put the seeds into the soil! I then watered them in and placed them on my window sill. It didn’t take long for them to sprout.  All I had to do was water the plants on a regular basis. Within a few months, they were a really good height and present worthy.

This does not just have to be for kids but for anyone, in fact, I also gave a pepper gift to another friend who likes to use their own herbs for cooking.


Picture of Oscar replanting his pepper plant which he has cared for.

christmas gift for free grow plants

Joseph holding his yellow pepper that he has just picked.

grow a gift - UK Lifestyle Blogger

Joseph is so happy with his pepper plant and Oscar loves taking care of his. A lot of emphasis is put on cost with gifts and it can miss having values. I am glad that each of my homegrown plants were so greatly looked after and brought smiles to their faces throughout the year.

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