Health, Wealth and Happiness -Achieve event

Health, Wealth and Happiness -Achieve event

Achieve Event

I was really looking forward to the Achieve event which covered Health, Wealth and Happiness. This seemed right up my street. 

Taking a bit longer than I should be leaving the house on Sunday morning I missed “Eddie the Eagle”s motivational talk. 

Lee Johnson

Health, Wealth and Happiness Lee Johnson Bristol City

By the time I had arrived Lee Johnson  (Head Coach of Bristol City Football Club) was speaking. Lee was giving an inspirational speech. I didn’t catch all of Lee Johnson’s speech but from what I did hear, it was clear that he valued teamwork. He even talked about how their cleaner Tracey (apologies if this is not the correct spelling) was also part of the team. It was clear Lee understood values and could see that all cogs of a wheel had to be looked after in order for everything to work efficiently. 

Charlie Webster

At 12.30 I wanted to see Helen Lederer on the main stage but TV presenter Charlie Webster was also going to be speaking at the same time. Charlie Webster was doing a talk on Resilience, survival and the importance of dealing with things. 

Health, Wealth and Happiness Charlie Webster

Charlie’s story was quite touching considering she nearly died of malaria 2 years ago and how she suffered from PTSD after. If you do not know about PTSD it stands for a Post-traumatic stress disorder. At the age of 13, I suffered a terrible accident which bought on Sleep Paralysis

I could certainly empathise with Charlie Webster’s story. Especially with the pressure of having to be resilient after an event. Her mum was there during her talk where Charlie also touched briefly about her sexual abuse as a young girl. I personally found Charlie Webster to be a really polite approachable person who is extremely brave. 

Helen Lederer

Having a wander around the exhibitions I spoke to Antonia Furlong who is theDirector of Mermaid in England. Antonia is such a lovely and warm lady. Mermaid In England sells bikinis that change into rainbow colours once they are wet. How cool is that? Whilst there Helen Lederer came over and bought one for her Daughter.

Helen Lederer Health, Wealth and Happiness

Helen Lederer was super friendly and has the most mesmerising eyes. Helen had just come off the main stage where she had treated the audience to wine. Lucky audience! Helen comes across as someone you definately have a few glasses with. I took the opportunity as you do, to take a quick selfie with her. Really need to work on my selfies!

Helen Lederer Achieve event Bristol

Helen Lederer has been in quite alot over the years. Do you remember Helen Lederer starring in the Warninks Advocaat advert? 

I remember watching Helen Lederer in the British Sitcoms Bottom and also Absolutely Fabulous where she has worked alongside Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders. I am a big fan of Joanna Lumley. Showing my age but I was a fan at a young age due to my parents watching Sapphire and Steel. Anyhow, I’m going off piste!

Cooking Demonstrations

Back to the event. I decided to watch a couple of cookery demonstrations being the big foodie that I am. This was quite interesting, demonstrations on cooking vegan snacks and also talks on seasonal vegetables. 

Health, Wealth and Happiness cookery

There was a Panasonic exhibition next to the stand. The guy that was covering the stand, was constantly cooking up foods which tasted so good. I tried a bit of everything. It is hard to say no to such delcious food. Most of what was being cooked was gluten free too. My firm favourite was the apple and walnut cake. This was so moist and super delicious. 

Walking on glass

One of the exhibitions stands gave the opportunity to be able to walk on broken glass. This was held by Lottie Moore from Mindset Metaphors. Check out my walking on broken glass experience. A scary moment for sure!

Nigel Owens MBE

Nigel Owens MBE (Rugby referee) was doing a talk at 3.15pm which I didn’t want to miss as the category of the talk was Mindfulness/fitness. I had no idea of Nigel Owen’s background and just expected a talk on being mindful. 

Nigel Owen’s story was very inspiring. He talked about being gay and how he hid it. He talked about being so depressed about not living his true identity that he tried to kill himself. Not only did he cover that but also talked openly about his issue with bulemia. It was a fantastic talk.

Nigel Owen’s has the same belief as me just because someone has a different sexual preference or has different colour skin then everyone should be treated the same. He added that no preferential treatment should be given either. We all are equals. I so agree with this. 


Great event. I also came away with some free bottles of Fit water by Lucozade Sport. Hydration is a biggy for me!

I really enjoyed myself at the event. Have you been to the Achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness event before?

Health, Wealth and Happiness


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