How to be happy

How to be happy


50 Things that make me smile

How to be happy was an easy post for me to write as I find happiness in everyday life. Below is my list of things that make me smile

Susie from nominated me to complete 50 Things that make me smile. If you like make-up blogs, please go check out Susie’s blog as I find her informative, honest, friendly and is very responsive to any comments.

So, here we go 50 things that make me smile. Hopefully this will help other find happiness on day to day life too.

How to be happy Lifestyle Blogger

    1. Sunsets. Over the weekend I took this shot whilst on the hills in Exmoor. Watching a sunset is such a beautiful sight.Happiness Sunsets Smile Love life
    2.  My Daughter.  Natalia says these fab one-liners that just make me laugh
    3. My friends and family. I am so fortunate to have great friends and have close family members that can really make me smile.
    4. My 2 beautiful cats.  My cats are sisters that couldn’t be more different. One of the cats has the personality of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. The other is so switched on and resourceful that she could be a world leader in the cat world. If you have seen the film “cats and dogs”, you will know what I mean.
    5. Autumn. I love each of the 4 seasons. The big thing I love about Autumn is the leaves turning colour in the trees, with their beautiful reds.Autumn leaves westonbirt happy
    6. Happy, positive and relaxed people. I love being around people that aren’t living in the past and dragging others down. Those uplift others are those I sync with.
    7. Candles. I have so many candles. 
    8. Refreshing and uplifting smells. Lemon zest smells and bergmont seem to be something I really like.
    9. The home clean and tidy. 
    10. Having fun. I will find fun in everyday life. Fun doesn’t have to be expensive it can be something so simple as to playing with the cat.
    11. Seeing others in love. How nice is it when you see people that are so loved up. That look they give each other is so beautiful.
    12. Meditation. After each mediation session, I always find I am smiling and feeling grateful.woolacombe beach Meditation Devon UK
    13. Stationary. Weirdly I can spend ages in a cool stationary shop. Picking up cool rubbers and things makes me happy.
    14. Flowers. Seeing and smelling fresh flowers is so nice.
    15. Sunny days with a blue sky. This just makes me feel automatically happy.
    16. Finding money in a pocket or bag that I had forgotten about.
    17. Other peoples good news. It is so nice when other people are so excited about their good news.
    18. Food. I am such a foodie, I so enjoy delicious good food, the aroma alone can make me smile.
    19. Flying. That noise of the engines boosting before an aircraft takes off gets me every time. 
    20. Beaches. Being on the beach is one of my favourite past times. I recently attempted surfing this Summer. Beaches smile happy times
    21. Editing videos. I lose time doing this.
    22. Animal videos. The cute puppy/kitten videos or cute pandas. Sooooooo adorable
    23. Cleaning. I find this very therapeutic and once it is completed everything feels so fresh around me.
    24. Walks. A good walk where you can take in the sounds, smells and be in the present moment.
    25. Makeup. I love buying good makeup
    26. Clothes. How amazing do I feel if I wear a good outfit! My confidence beams.
    27. Rainbows. 
    28. Photography. Would love to sell my photography. 
    29. Men with manners. Polite men always make me smile.
    30. Garden centres. I can spend hours in garden centres. 
    31. A book. I read every day. At the moment I have about 18 books on loan from the library. 
    32. Soup especially with fresh bread. See my Soup recipe
    33. Nails. I get my nails painted with some artwork all the time. I smile every time I look at my nails. See my other Nail designs.CHANEL LE VOLUME DE CHANEL Mascara
    34. Compliments. If someone says something kind this instantly puts a smile on my face
    35.  Clean bedding. Getting into bed with clean bedding feels so nice.
    36.  Stars in the sky. A good frosty night with an array of stars is so beautiful.
    37.  Kind surprises. A kind gesture or gift from a friend or family will make me smile over and over again.
    38. My blog. Love to see that I reach out to others.
    39. A new handbag. That fresh smell.
    40. Positive videos. Something I listen to every day.
    41. Fresh baked cookies
    42. Nature. 
    43. Shopping for new clothes.
    44. Music. This feeds my soul.
    45. Haircuts. I love getting my hair washed and blowed dried at the hairdressers.
    46. Massages.
    47. Spa days. 
    48. Helping others.
    49. Sparkling water. 
    50. Yachts. Would love my own Yacht. I really should put this on my vision board. DREAM BIG! 

Hope you enjoyed 50 Things that make me smile.


50 Things that make me happy

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