How to upcycle an​ old table

How to upcycle an​ old table

How to upcycle an old table

Do you like home decor and upcycling? It’s one of my passions. I so enjoy finding unique items for the home and also upcycling an item. Read how I upcycle.

A while ago I was in need of a new coffee table to suit my lounge. Perusing the furniture shops I just could not find the right table for me. I like my furniture to be built well in order for it to last so I tend to look out for solid items. I saw a couple of coffee tables which may have worked for me and they started at £500. I decided to look online for second-hand furniture that I could up-cycle.

When it comes to money I try to be as savvy as possible. I have quite a beady eye for finding a bargain that is able to look more expensive to what I originally paid. Whilst searching the “for sale” sites on line, I found a very used and stained wooden coffee that was varnished. The person selling wanted £15 but I offered £10. He immediately said yes so I went along to pick it up. I looked it over and looked grimey and would need some work, but definitely something I could work with as it was solid wood. I gave the gentleman my £10 and I felt good that I could start work on my new project.  I never spend too much on an item for a project just in case it doesn’t work. If it went horribly wrong, then I really have not lost much at all.

Table renovation
Before picture of table

I came home and put the table in the garage and started prepping. I used an electric sander and also sanding paper for little areas. I do recommend an electric sander as this did save a lot of time. I did this over many evenings as there were some quite deep scratches. I made sure a wore a respiratory mask to protect myself. It’s actually quite a work out for your body when sanding too.

Once sanded, I then cleaned the table to get rid of any dust with wipes which I purchased at the DIY store. I then set to work. I thought for this project I would try spray paint for wood. I purchased a couple of cans and a primer spray and started spraying. This was my first attempt at spray painting. I did this in fine sprays at the recommended distance and coated several layers, waiting in-between for each coat to completely dry. This took a fair few evenings but within a week. Voila, a new table. It is so important to make sure the room is well ventilated when spraying.

I was amazed at how the spray paint went on so even and how the table had transformed. At the time we were living in a home with lots of cream colours and it went perfectly with my surroundings.

Picture of the table once completed. What do you think?

Table renovation upcyle project
Completed picture of table


  • £10 for table
  • Approximately £30 for spray paint and primer
  • £5 sanding sheets
  • £2 wipes

Since I have done this, we have moved and I am looking to resand and perhaps choose either a bright white or a chalky grey to suit the home. Currently undecided.

For sanding, I found using an electric sander like this very handy- link (click on photo for the price)

If you follow me on Instagram (official_inspired_by_t) you will know that I recently made a side table from a fallen tree. I will be blogging about this soon and also I did film the preparation which will go on to my youtube channel. Are you subscribed? My channel is called Inspired By T, love you to check this out.

Thank you for reading

Tracey xx

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