Law of Attraction – Ask Believe Receive

Law of Attraction – Ask Believe Receive

Law of Attraction – Ask, Believe, Receive

Law of Attraction - Ask Believe Receive

Hi, this is the first Law of Attraction post from me. I will be posting plenty more. This is a passion of mine and I love having conversations with people that are on the same wavelength as me regarding this. 

I believe that law of Attraction is one of the universal laws. I have experienced this work over the years in so many instances. Some people may think of Law of Attraction as a bundle of coincidences, that’s fine if that is what you believe. I am here to share what I think and to resonate with those that have a genuine belief. 

Law of attraction What it is it? 

Law of Attraction Ask Believe Receive

Basically, Law of Attraction is what you think and feel you radiate towards you, therefore bringing this into your existence. Have you heard the saying “like attracts like”? This works on the same principle. 

Many people have become familiar with LAO (abbreviation for Law of Attraction) after the film/book The Secret was a massive hit. The book alone has sold 20 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 50 languages. 

Law of Attraction can bring positive and negative experiences to you. If you think it and feel it and focus on you will expand it.

Here’s the bit people do not like – it doesn’t differentiate against whether you want it or not. If you focus on what you don’t want, it brings this to you also.

When life is going bad and your dwelling on things, it will not suddenly say ahhhh, let’s give this person something amazing. Unfortunately not! It works in a way of if your thinking and feeling it then you must want more of it. Surely you have experienced a moment in your life where things go wrong and then something else unexpected happens. Hence the saying “It never rains but it pours”, or perhaps you have heard “these things come in threes” If you think things come in threes, guess what they will!

I will give you an example. You wake up in the morning and you look at the alarm clock you realise you must have pressed the snooze button as you are now running late. Rushing around you then stub your toe on the bedpost. Painful right? After rubbing your toe and an unhappy face.

You get ready for work and leave the house. What’s this? A traffic problem. A car has broken down on the main road causing major delays and this will now delay you more. You sit in the car pissed right off on how your morning has begun and tell yourself you’re having a bad day.

You arrive at the office after struggling to find somewhere to park and as you read your emails, it also presents more bad news, a client is canceling one of its major contracts with you. As you sip your morning coffee whilst reading the emails you realise that the cup has a small crack in it and is now leaking over your white top. Due to running late you have no time to clean it or change and you have a presentation to do in front of the Board of Directors in just a few minutes. You want to cry and you tell your Colleague that you should never have gotten out of bed this morning!

Law of Attraction Ask Believe Receive

I hope you see the point I am making here. So, if the Law of Attraction can bring more negativity then guess what? Yep, that’s right, it can also bring you more of what you want too. 

What I found strange is when I ask people what they want they are unsure. They answer with I don’t know I just want to be happy or they want more money. The last one makes me laugh as you can ask for more money and could find a ten pence and this still wouldn’t satisfy you. You asked the universe for more money and it delivered. It just didn’t deliver the amount you wanted because you never stated it. This isn’t going to be rocket science but you need to be specific. Don’t worry about how it will happen, leave it up to the universe. 

How to ask the Universe


Law of Attraction Ask Believe Receive

  1. Focus on what you want, be specific.
  2. Put in your order to the universe
  3. Thank the Universe and now imagine you have received it.
  4. Let it go. You have placed your order, sit back and wait but don’t think about just know it is on route to you. 
  5. Be open to possibilities. Sometimes what you want comes disguised. Stay open-minded.

If you struggle to focus on what you want, perhaps do some meditation first. See my post on Meditation & Mindfulness


Let me know what experiences that you have bought into existence whether it is good or bad.

Video on Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction - Ask Believe Receive





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