Mother’s Day Meal at Webbington Hotel & Spa

Mother’s Day Meal at Webbington Hotel & Spa



As I stretched out in bed after a restful night’s sleep I become aware it was Sunday, YES! It was Mother’s Day. Taking my phone from the bedside table I could see it was just about to turn 9 am.

My Daughter woke up and gave me a wave through my bedroom door on her way downstairs. I sat up in bed and arranged my pillows against the metal bed frame. I knew she would make me a coffee today so I sat there in a very restful mood.

Approximately 30 minutes had passed and still no coffee but I could hear crashing and banging in the kitchen. What was she doing?

My Daughter Natalia knew we were having a 4-course meal today booked for 1 pm so she can’t be cooking I thought. The smells of toast wafted upstairs and there she was walking steadily into my bedroom with a tray of food and a coffee.

I was overwhelmed, Natalia had made me pancakes from scratch, something she had never made before and covered them in honey. On a separate plate, she had made a fried egg on toast.

Feeling completely shocked and grateful I ate the foods which tasted pretty darn good. Due to the emotions, I forgot to take a picture but as you can see I didn’t leave much.

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The one thing I made super clear this year for Mother’s Day was that I did not want to be bought anything. My Daughter handed me a handmade card. As I read her words inside the card I felt so loved, that it made me cry happy tears.

To add to this, I was then presented with her gift. She had given me a picture frame and each letter within the frame she had drawn. Each word represented an aspect of me.  This was just lovely.

Mother's Day Webbington Hotel Loxton

The meal at the Webbington Hotel & Spa

We then started to get ready for our meal which I had booked at the Webbington Hotel & Spa nr Axbridge, Somerset. This was booked for 1 pm for us and my Mum also. My Sister and her boyfriend were also attending.

The Webbington Hotel has always been a favourite place of mine, I have attended many balls here and I used to be a member of their gym and spa until a couple of years ago.  The indoor pool is small but when we timed just right my Daughter and I would be the only people in there and it felt like our pool.

Arriving at the Webbington which has such great views of Somerset, we walked to the bar area where my family was waiting on the leather cushioned sofas. We were shown to our table of 5, which to be fair this was changed at the last minute as I had only booked for 4 people.

I didn’t realise My Sister’s boyfriend was also attending until Mother’s Day. In the main dining room, they had a young man in the corner playing the piano. As we were seated my Mum and I were given a glass of fizz each. This was complimentary for all Mums today.


Webbington Hotel Somerset Mother's Day

As we looked at the menus we swapped gifts. Mum loves Ted Baker bags so I bought her the gift set from Boots which comes in a stylish overnight bag. She also made me a gift for Easter, it’s a table display. I didn’t expect anything and was thrilled. The gift she had made was so creative. 

If you’re interested in the booking here I have put their link here Webbington Hotel & Spa If you visit this area I have also written a post about the food we ate whilst in Cheddar at the Bath Arms Hotel, Cheddar.

Mother's Day Loxton Webbington Hotel

We had a lovely dinner and I was hoping to get some pictures of us all but Mum had to rush off. It was planned for Mum to visit mine later that night. 

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Back home

As I arrived home I did a few chores and took too the laptop and started editing the video for youtube. I so enjoy editing videos.  Mum turned up just as I had nearly finished editing.

Mum has recently bought a new property and they are renovating so Mum, My Daughter and I all sat down and looked at her iPad at the before and after photos. I will so miss Mum when she moves away.

Mother's Day Webbington Hotel Somerset

Later that evening I decided to have a glass of red wine and chill out. I sat there with a pack of breadsticks, low fat humous and munched away whilst watching Netflix.

Then it was time for bed, Mother’s Day was over until next year. I know people say it’s a con but I have to say I felt so special and so touched by my Daughter’s kind thoughts. Did you have a good Mother’s Day? What did you do?

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