My Sunday lunch at Ston Easton Park Hotel

My Sunday lunch at Ston Easton Park Hotel

My video showing our Sunday lunch at Ston Easton Park Hotel


The table was prebooked and I was super excited. I was looking forward to our Sunday lunch at Ston Easton Park. This is a place I had visited before in for work purposes but I hadn’t actually dined here in my own precious time. 

I have put a video below showing the arrival, the premises, the food, and the grounds. The Spaniel called Oscar that lives there is just so cute.

Click on the link below.

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I visited Ston Easton Park for a 2-course meal in March 2017. 

Ston Easton Park is situated in Somerset near Bath. 

Visit their website Ston Easton Park for more details.


Sunday lunch at Ston Easton Review

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  1. Aww doggy. What an incredible drive up through the grounds, and the place looks amazing. The food’s a little too ‘fancy’ for me (I’m pretty plain & boring) but I loved the video! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for watching the video Caz. It is quite fancy there, it was delicious food. Hope you have a great weekend 😘 xx

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