Nail Art Designs – Inspiration

Nail Art Designs – Inspiration

Nail Art Design

Love weekends, Just had my nails done. I thought I would share with some nail art designs for inspiration.

A lady who owns My Happy nails and spa in Weston-Super-Mare does my nails.

I have been going to her for the past 2 years. My preference is gel nails rather than acrylics. I used to spend an hour each Sunday doing my own nails with normal nail varnishes so that it looked good for the new working week. Having them done by a professional saves me this hour each week and I find the gel nails last me 3-4 weeks.

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This weekend I opted for black and dark red ombre nails with a touch of glitter. I choose this because I am wearing winter clothes which will go well with so many outfits.

Happy Nails and Spa Weston-Super-Mare
Ombre red and black nails

Why I bother

A few years back I qualified when I achieved my diploma in Image Consultancy. From all the studying certain aspects are now embedded in me. We judge people on meeting them within the first 20 seconds.

We subconsciously judge and take notice of the face, hair, nails, clothes, shoes plus their behaviour and voice.

My job involves meeting people so I do like to have tidy nails. This isn’t because I am high maintenance but rather I like looking neat and I am probably one of the most gesticulate people on the planet. Whilst I talk, I explain everything with my hands.

The number of times I have been told I look like a weather girl as I talk. Chipped or bad nails would put me on edge, as I would be concentrating on not letting anyone see my hands rather than being my natural self.

Unfortunately for me, I have sausage fingers and adding a splash of colour to my nails really helps.

Pinterest is amazing for looking up ideas. I choose all my designs based on the seasons and occasion. I get compliments most days from either people I meet or cashiers. It’s nice to have a talking point without even trying and it makes me smile.

Here are a few snapshots which I put on my Instagram account of previous designs I have tried.

Nail Art Designs

Happy Nails and Spa Weston-Super-Mare
Christmas nails
Happy Nails and Spa Weston-Super-Mare
Autumn nails. Burgundy with gold
Happy Nails and Spa Weston-Super-Mare
Dotty nails

Do you like getting your nails done?

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My aim of having my blog is to inspire others.

If you would like to work with an Inspiring Blogger please feel free to contact me. I do hope you will read my other posts for more Inspiration.

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