Our day out at the Wild Place Project

Our day out at the Wild Place Project

Our day out at the Wild Place Project

Hi, How are you? Following on from my last post Day out in Sidmouth. This Sunday we visited the Wild Place Project in Bristol. I took my 16-year-old Daughter Natalia along too. I have to say we had such a great time and I was surprised by how close you get to the Animals.

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The Wild Place Project is run by the Bristol Zoological Society and is the sister site of Bristol Zoo. 


This is super easy to find. I drove north up the M5 and exited at Junction 17. You literally turn left at the roundabout and then I’d say about a minute later you turn left into the Premises. 


There were plenty of spaces on arrival and I did like the fact that I didn’t have to pay to park on the site also. This always seems like a hidden cost with other attractions.


We had tried to book online which came at a cost of £18.10 for 2 Adults. The final page just said processing and I didn’t receive any confirmation email. I explained this to the Gentleman at the Entrance. He was able to check the system for our Surname and details and it seemed like there must have been a glitch that day.

At the gate, the cost is £9.95 for an Adult and £8.50 for children aged 2-14. Under 2’s are free. (These prices include a 10% voluntary contribution) Please do contribute as the money raised goes towards so many conservation projects which are run by the Bristol Zoological Society.  

They also offer Annual Passes Adult – £32 Child – £24


I think this place is brilliant! We had such a nice time seeing the animals. We didn’t do all the things that this site offers either. The site is much bigger than I first thought. It is well spread out and has lots of activities and learning signs around the site.

I wanted to share some of our favourite moments of the day. 


First, we went to see the giraffes of which were 2. So sad that one of the Giraffes called Gerry had died over the weekend due to an ongoing medical condition. The staff are very sad indeed. Looking at these elegant, tall Giraffes with their beautiful eyes if I worked there I too would be heartbroken.

Wild Place Project Bristol Giraffes

There is a viewing area upstairs and the Giraffes get so close to you. I have never been so close to a Giraffe before without a perplex glass. 

Wild Place Project Bristol Giraffe

Seriously, How beautiful is this Giraffe? These projects are so important. It breaks my heart to think that these Animals are endangered due to poaching or their natural habitat is being destroyed.


Wild Place Project Bristol Review Baboon

Pretty sure I have woken up like this before after a night out! We watched these Baboons for a while. You can just lose yourself watching them.

Bristol Wild Place Project Baboon

This area feels like you are on a Safari. There is even a Jeep for you to climb aboard. 


This area is an absolute joy! The Lemurs of different types are free to roam in front of you. 

Wild Place Project Bristol Lemur

The Staff in this area ensures there is room given for the Lemurs to move around. Again, It is amazing how close you get, we watched them play and jump around for some time. At one point, one of the Lemurs was resting in the branches and I was stood below about a foot away.

Wild Place Project Bristol Lemur

Wild Place Project Bristol Meerkat Lemur

This White Belted ruffed Lemur came to say Hi!


This is another of my favourite areas. Watching the Meerkats play and dig. Personally, I can’t think of a Meerkat without thinking of the Compare the Market advert. These are fun to watch, they are so cute and they look so happy.

Wild Place Project Blog Meerkat

There are Birds and other animals to see in this area too. The Meerkats were definitely one of our favourites.

We walked into the Poppy Garden next to the Meerkats. We thought we would explore this area.

Wild Place Project Sunflowers Blogger

Sunflowers make me happy. In fact,  I have some in my Kitchen at home at the moment. You can see a wide range of vegetables growing in this area.

Wild Place Project Bristol Birds Blogger

Spotted this gorgeous Robin running around by us, me being me, I said “Hello little one” A woman was next to me at the time asked if I was talking to the Plants. Ummmmm, nooo. If someone asks me that again I will with a straight face say “Yes, don’t you?”


This isn’t even half of what is on offer at the Wild Place Project. If you haven’t been, I so recommend it. I think this suits families of all ages. This would also make a great date or just to spend time alone with nature. 

There are lots of staff on site which are happy to talk about the Animals. They put on regular talks too.

If you haven’t been, pay it a visit, you won’t be disappointed! The link to the site is here Wild Place Project Bristol

Let me know if you have been? 

Also, I just want to give credit here. My Daughter Natalia took some of these photos. I think she did great! 

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