Prom Night Essentials

Prom Night Essentials


Prom Night! Where has the time gone? It really does not seem that long ago that I was looking around Nursery Schools deciding which one would be best and now here I am looking at the pictures from my Daughter’s first Prom Night as a new era awaits her from leaving Worle Community School. My heart sinks when I look at each photo. I am so proud of the lady she has become.

I knew how important this night was for her and I wanted to make sure she had a great time leading up to the Prom and have a really great night also. 

When I was at School we didn’t have a Prom Night just a School disco. Prom Nght has actually taken alot of preparation. A lot of my friends have younger children and have yet to experience this. I have written this to cover what will be needed. First things first BUY THE TICKET quick as you certainly wouldn’t want to miss the date or find out they have all gone. Our ticket was bought from the School which cost £25. This included a DJ and a buffet. I did hear one of the other Schools had a sit down dinner and their ticket was £50.00. The ticket price is just the start of the costs. The Prom was held at the Rookery Manor If you have a Child who has Prom Night coming these are the things I had to cover and where I learned from my mistakes:-





Prom Night Essentials Weston-Super-Mare

Now this might seem obvious but Prom happens in June for most and for the last few months we have had to go out on weekends looking for that Dress. It was hard as most dresses in the shops were for weddings. My Daughter Natalia wanted a particular type, she wanted a long maxi dress, ideally with a spilt up the side.

We did spend some evenings looking online, in fact, we even ordered a red dress which we forgot to send back in time so that will be one for eBay I guess. The ideal time is Christmas when all the sparkly dresses are out. If we had been smarter I would have looked around in the Boxing Day sales as I am positive we could have picked up a beautiful dress well suited for Prom. Instead of endless hours of going around the shops trying to find what felt like a needle in a haystack. There are a few Prom dress shops around but Natalia was quite adamant about the style she wanted, each time she tried on a dress I thought she belonged in a Bond movie. 


Just a heads up but I would say buy or rent your outfit early. 


Once we decided on a dress we then had to get shoes. Thankfully we choose shoes in the same shop as we bought the dress and they went together perfectly. We choose high heels as the dress needed length. As Natalia isn’t used to heels I bought her some gel feet pads so her feet didn’t end up with that “burning” feeling.


The all-important essentials of the evening. Natalia uses her phone as her camera so that was one essential item to go into the bag. She went with a fully charged phone, we do have a power bank but she didn’t take it. As the dress had a sequined pattern we wanted a more plain clutch. I have a few clutches at home and one I have never used before was my Modulo creamy white clutch bag with a little bit of detail. I showed Natalia that and another I had recently bought from Karen Millen and she said the Modulo one would be perfect. Saved a bit here instead of buying new!


It was decided that Natalia would just wear her ring and the diamonte Micheal Kors very diante bracelet. Simple and sophisticated. 


Anyone would think Prom NIght was my Daughter’s Wedding Day. In a conversation I would say it was my Daughter’s Prom and then I would be asked which makeup artist we were using, what hairdresser, What loan company I went too, Okay the last bit I made up but crickey. 


My Daughter experiments with makeup and she doesn’t trust anyone else to do her makeup as she likes her eyebrows done a certain way. Natalia is also a pro for wearing false lashes and my Mum very kindly always buys her packs of them. Once she applied her makeup Natalia decided on just a clear gloss for her lips as I think a colour would have been overkill. To make sure her makeup stayed in placed she used MAC setting spray.


Natalia takes after me here as I do like to have neat nails. See my article on Happy Nails & Spa. After a few nights deciding she choose clear acrylics with white glitter at the end apart from one nail, we usually have full-on nail art on the ring finger. For the appointment she took her friend with her as she also was having her nails and toes done for Prom.


I visit Toni and Guy for my haircuts. I called them to see how much it would be for just a Prom style and it was just £25.00. After a chat with my Natalia and seeing that the day of Prom was my day off, I said I would straighten her hair and curl the ends with the GHD’s. This is all she wanted. If she wanted a much more complicated style she would have been in the hairdressers

Prom Night Essentials


I asked Natalia how she would like to arrive. Before Prom Night I really wanted to have booked a vintage car for her and her boyfriend. It looks like other people had the same idea though so pleased I didn’t go down that avenue. As it happens we were actually quite lucky as I was informed that Natalia’s boyfriend’s family had sorted out the ride. Natalia was going to arrive with Luke’s Grandma who owns a very beautiful Mercedes.

Prom Night Essentials Mercedes

Prom Night Essentials

On the night, the Young ladies and Young Men were arriving in style. There were Bentleys, various vintage cars, convertibles, and some arrived on motorbikes. If you do know someone who has a nice car, it might be worth chatting to them to see if they wouldn’t mind being a taxi for the arrival. Pretty sure it would flatter them to be asked. Worth a try!


I had my Nikon camera on charge all day and with a 16GB SIM I knew I would be able to take plenty of photos. Before they left for Prom I took tons. I have seen online that some Parents hired a Photographer. This is your choice. There was a proffessional photographer at the Prom and I did think it was a lovely gesture that each person that attended came back with a print of them at the Prom.

The Prom itself was a complete success. Natalia had a fantastic time and came back very tired. This will be such a memorable night for her. 

Prom Night Essentails

Such a cute couple!

Worle Community School Prom 2018

I do hope this helps everyone. 

Prom Night Essentials Weston-Super-Mare


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