Review of Pimms V Aldi’s Austin’s Summer Punch

Review of Pimms V Aldi’s Austin’s Summer Punch

Review of Pimms V Aldi’s Austin’s Summer Punch

Our English summer is still upon us.  Every year, we hear, a heat wave is coming! This year we have been blessed with some spectacular sunny days. Us Brits love our bright sunny days where we take to the supermarkets. We invest in new Barbeques, outside furniture, plenty of bbq food and the summer alcohol. Inviting friends and family over for food and drinks and lots of laughter.

In the past, my tipple has been wine or prosecco and if I am feeling in that celebratory mood then popping a cork of champagne is not unheard of.  In the Summer we tend to change our drinking habits and try something more fruity with plenty of ice.

This Season I seem to have taken an occasional liking for a gin and tonic with a slice of lime. Check out my post on Gin is the new trendy drink

However my household favourite this Summer has been Pimms, mixed with strawberries, oranges and cucumber with plenty of lemonade, ice cubes and mint leaves to garnish.  It tastes like a complete treat on the taste buds.

Although alcoholic drinks are deemed unhealthy, for some psychological reason for me, it seems a tad healthier than any other alcoholic drink, this may be due to fruit I put in. The best part for me is after a couple of glasses, the next morning I do not have a hangover. Fantastic result as some weekends in the past, after a few glasses of wine it can really turn me into a gremlin the next day. Yep, keeping away from bright light, just lots of food and being a grumpy cow.

Pimms Aldi Austin's summer punch review
Pimms in picnic basket

One Friday evening, I needed a few bits from the shops and popped into the local Aldi. Buying all my fruit required for my “Pimms” Just before the till I spotted a bottle of what looked like Pimms which I was going to have to pick up in the next Shop. I read the label of the Austin’s Summer Punch and you could see it was the comparison but the best part was that it was only £6.99. I thought I would give it a go.  This also saved me popping to the next shop to get the “Pimms” and saving about £9.00. 1 lt Pimms currently selling at £16.00. At the till the Cashier commented on my bottle informing me how good it was. This was encouraging!

That evening I put my ice cubes, fruit and my fake Pimms (Aldi’s Austin’s Summer Punch) and lemonade into the jug, hoping I had made the right choice. I placed a straw in the glass and took a sip……I liked it! RESULT.

Austin's Aldi summer punch review Pimms
Aldi’s summer punch

The following week, at a moments notice I was told the family were coming around mine and we were having a takeaway. Here was my chance to do a test, I prepared my jug of punch, to my liking. Sitting on the kitchen side was a bottle of used Pimms but I had made the punch using Aldi’s Austin Summer punch. To the unsuspecting eye one would assume it was Pimms as no other bottle was to be seen.

As they entered my kitchen I  offered a glass of the ready made punch. “Yes please I do like a Pimms” came the replies.  It was quite a warm day, it was going down a treat. They had no idea that it wasn’t the real thing.  At the time I didn’t want to say as I wanted to see if it was noticeable.  That evening the jug of Summer punch went down well with no complaints only compliments.

I would say if you are drinking these two drinks straight (which no one does) the difference is there, Pimms is stronger. However once mixed with your fruits, mint leaves and cold lemonade I find it very hard to notice. Pimms is also has a stronger percentage of alcohol at 25% Aldi’s Austins Summer punch is 17.5%

I now am converted to Aldi’s Austin Summer Punch which not only tastes great but saves on average £9 a bottle! Fantastic saving

Its also so versatile you can mix the drink to suit you. Soon, I’ll be trying it with pomegranate juice instead of lemonade.

I have not made homemade ice lollies with the punch just yet.  I can already imagine that with small pieces of fruit and with the lovely colour plus with the kick of alcohol these would go down so well. A definite Instagram moment to come.

I now just wish for the sunny weather to come back so I can enjoy a glass in the garden.

Here is the link for Aldi

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Review of Pimms V Aldi's Austin's Summer Punch
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