Review of Wright’s baking bread mix

Review of Wright’s baking bread mix


Review of Wright’s Baking Cheddar Cheese & Onion Bread Mix

What no bread anywhere ????   As I write this it’s the beginning of March 2018 and we have just had snow, lots of snow. The scenes around the Westcountry have been amazing it looked a winter wonderland.

I couldn’t resist putting my footprints in the untouched pure white snow. It was super cold though, I had the heating on full and wore a jumper plus a body warmer not to mention big fluffy socks.

It’s not often we get so much snow so I thought I would embrace the scenes from Mother Nature.

Snow in March 2018
Photo of my Sister’s back garden.

Unfortunately, with all the snow it meant lorries were unable to deliver fresh produce and the shop shelves were bare for items such as bread. Now we don’t need much bread in our house, in fact, I’m allergic to gluten and wheat and not supposed to eat it at all but I do.

If I’m having a tasty soup, what better than in the cold, but to enjoy a warm home cooked soup with some fresh bread or a roll. Check out my ROASTED TOMATO AND SWEET PEPPER SOUP recipe.

Anyhoo, I visited the shop and was greeted with the same scene that was happening across the nation. No bread! With a bit of quick thinking, I thought I’d check out the baking aisle, there were quite a few bread mixes to be found. I picked up Wrights cheddar cheese and onion bread mix for machine or hand baking.

Checking the back of the packet to make sure that I wouldn’t miss picking up any essential ingredients to make it and all it said to do was add water. Just water! well, what a result, this went straight into the basket.

Wrights Baking Bread mix


I was looking forward to making my bread as I love the smells in a bakery of fresh bread. I opened my packet of Wrights cheddar cheese and onion bread mix and put in this in a mixing dish.

Firstly the smell of cheese hit me! Wow, this was strong and not in a good way. It smelt so cheesy, like parmesan dried cheese but I thought I would still continue.

Wrights Bread mix - food

With my hands, I mixed the ingredients together. At first, I used my Kenwood mixer (using the attachment for making cakes) but splats went just about everywhere that I had to turn it off and get those hands of mine dirty.

So I mixed for 5 minutes as per instructions and was pretty pleased that I was able to form a ball of dough. At one point I thought I had more on my hands than in the bowl.

I then had to start the stretching and kneading of the dough. Oh yeah, get me I felt like a pro doing this. Masterchef here I come! It says to do this for 2 minutes. 2 minutes of kneading and stretching.

I am thinking instead of rejoining a gym I will just make bread. The noises I made during this sounded, errrr a bit saucy or that you would have thought I was watching tennis at Wimbledon.

Dough - Bread mix

Following all the instructions I then made 10 small (ish) balls as I wanted fresh rolls for my soup. I wasn’t sure where to put the rolls as they needed to be a warm place so I put them in a preheated oven on 50c and covered it in loose cling film.

I was worried that the cling film might melt but I kept a constant eye on it and it was fine. Although I do not recommend this, I would use a airing cupboard of something.

dough rolls bread mix

Once left in a warm place for about 35 minutes, the balls had doubled in size. I then preheated the oven as recommended to the correct temperature and then placed my already risen dough balls in.

With rolls, it only takes 15 minutes, which isn’t long at all. The rolls had become joined together due to the increase in size whilst in the oven. In future I would not put 10 dough balls on a tray I would spread them out more.

baking bread

VOILA!, Straight out of the oven my bread rolls that looked and by this time smelt lovely. I took the butter out of the refrigerator and thought I would try one of my delicious looking rolls. As the knife went into the roll which made that crispy sound on contact, cutting through to expose super fluffy bread inside.

Taking my butter knife, spreading the butter inside the rolls which melted slowly on contact. Now, time to taste. RESULT! The roll tasted great. I was super chuffed.

The only problem I had was that I cooked them to go with the soup but ended up eating 3, yes 3 blinking rolls on their own with some butter.

Bread rolls homemade

I put the rolls away in an airtight container so I could have one with my soup the next night. Here’s my butternut squash and carrot soup which I will post the recipe on soon served with my homemade (cough, cough Wright’s Bread mix) roll.

Carrot and Butternut soup with a homemade bread roll


Order your own Wright’s bread mix.

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