Showing self-love and treating myself to lunch

Showing self-love and treating myself to lunch

Showing self-love and treating myself to lunch

Without blowing my own trumpet here, I would like to consider myself a good friend. I have a small circle of really close friends that I would do anything for. The one person I have not been so kind too is myself in the past. The things I have thought about myself have been most unkind. I would never treat any of my friends the way I have treated myself. 

I’m so glad that I’ve learn’t to show myself self-love and heal old wounds. Living in the present moment and not carrying the past is most definately a nicer place.

It was a Saturday afternoon, the sun was out and I had a few hours to myself. My daughter was spending the afternoon at her boyfriend’s house and I decided I would head for the sea-front at Weston-Super-Mare. My daughter said her goodbye’s whilst getting out my car and a sense of exhilaration came over me. I said to myself (probably out loud, knowing me) that I was taking myself on a date.

With the gorgeous rays of sun beaming down, I found a parking space with no problems. I thought it would be lovely to have a walk along the sea-front. I started walking down the steps by the Claremont Wine Vaults Free House. As I reached the bottom of the step, instead of turning left to walk along the sea-front, I paused for a moment.  

To my left is where I thought I would be headed, but it’s a walk I have done many times. Looking to my right was the path leading to the old Pier. I’m sure I would have walked that way before, but I couldn’t recall it. Looking still to my right, I spotted an elderly couple sat on a bench engrossed reading their books. Being a bookworm myself I saw this as a good omen and decided to take myself on a little adventure. 

I promised myself a date and what better than to go for a walk and soak up the surroundings in what felt like unfamiliar ground. 

Time stopped for me whilst on my date with myself. Being Mindful I wanted to take in all the sights and sounds around me. It was absolutely blissful. My environment seemed to reflect how I was feeling inside. The water was so calm and peaceful. I stood there pressed against the wall with my hands cupped against my face, watching the sunbeams dancing on the water. It was so hypnotic. 

Pier Weston-super-mare self love

Walking along further. I noticed the graffiti artwork which I think is pretty good.

self-love weston-super-mare

Walking at a leisurely pace, I reached Birnbeck Pier. Birnbeck Pier is Weston-super-Mare’s old Pier and has been closed since 1994. Whilst there I visited the souvenir shop and signed the petition to save the pier. I have added a link just here if you wish to support Birnbeck Pier

Self love Birnbeck pier weston-super-mare

There were quite a few benches in the area so I decided to just sit and people watch without a care in the world. It was such a clear day. In the background is Wales.

After sitting there for some time, my belly started moaning and I thought what better than to treat myself to a lunch date. I passed a little cafe on route to Birnbeck Pier so thought I’d order something from there on the way back.

This is the first time I have ever taken myself out to lunch before. Sure, I have had to eat alone in many hotels when I have stayed away with work but this was very different. When I have had to eat in a hotel for work I am generally sat there on my phone, sending emails, texts, social media and hoping that people aren’t judging me for being a lone female.

Arriving at the cafe, I ordered myself a tuna sandwich and water. Looking around at the other tables there were families, couples of all different ages, most with a dog it seemed.

I found a table which overlooked the seafront and proudly pulled out my chair. This was truly out of my comfort zone but it felt really good. Was I the only person at the time eating alone? Yes. Am I the only person that has ever eaten alone? No. Were all eyes on me, full of people judging me? Not that I noticed, in fact, I was happy to be all by myself. I actually found it was me that was watching everyone else. 

Finishing off my lunch I walked back to my car extremely content. I had just had the best time with myself. I sooooo recommend giving yourself self-love.


Self love Birnbeck Pier

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