Taking downtime

Taking downtime

Taking Downtime

I’m back after taking downtime. Hello January and happy new year to you. A whole month has passed without me putting up one blog. Tut-tut I’m supposed to be a Blogger. My last post was Showing self-love and treating myself to lunch

Taking downtime

However, I will make no excuses and I did what was best for me. Although I say I have taken downtime I feel like a much needed holiday is in order. 

December was a crazy busy month for me and blogging was something I always wanted to enjoy and not feel like a chore. I never wanted my blog to stress me out, I always wanted to see it as a stress reliever and a way to express my creative side.

So what was I doing in December? As soon as December hit my workload increased. This was the first ever Christmas that I worked over the Christmas period. This Christmas meant a lot of time juggling.

Any spare time I had I spent keeping my social media updated. I ended up writing little diary entries against any photo I would share. 

There is definately much more to do in December. I am however blessed and so grateful to have these moments. These moments are to be treasured and I made sure each moment was savoured. 

Daily life additions in December

  • Putting the Christmas tree up, something I didn’t do till the 2nd week of December. To make it extra festive I put a Christmas movie on in the background.
  • Buying presents. Gift shopping is one of my favourite past times. Not so keen on the queues but I do enjoy picking gifts that will bring a smile to the face of someone I love. 
  • Making homemade gifts. Alongside my bought gifts. This year I made friends and family candles and for the youngsters. I bought pick and mix sweets and put them in a jar with a personalised label. 
  • Social Christmas gatherings with friends and family. Meeting up and exchanging gifts makes my heart explode with happiness.
  • Cooking Christmas foods and the joy of devouring them. We also treated ourselves to a bit of chocolate. Surely, a must have over the Christmas period. 

Taking downtime from Blogging

  • Making sure the home is constantly clean for those unexpected Christmas visitors. I get a buzz from a neat and clean house. Generally people only ever turn up unexpected when things aren’t tidy! 
  • Quality time, with my Daughter, some of which was spent binge watching Christmas movies. We were pleased to sit and watch Elf which makes us laugh each time.

Did you find December stressful? Or did you manage to juggle everything? 


Tracey Tripp

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  1. I’m glad you stepped away for a while – blogging can be all-consuming and turn into a source of stress rather than enjoyment when there are other things in life that also demand a lot of time and attention. You’re right, December definitely can get crazy busy! Don’t put too much pressure on things where the blog and social media are concerned, us readers will still be here whenever you’re ready to post, and it’s good for our mental health to take a breather every once in a while. Wishing you a very happy New Year – I hope 2019 is a good one for you!
    Caz xx

    1. Thank you Caz. A big Happy New Year to you also. I really hope 2019 is a great year for you. xx

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