Walking on glass – Feeling empowered

Walking on glass – Feeling empowered

Achieve weekend – Bristol

If there is a person who would try anything different and off the wall, then it’s me. Many years ago I walked on fire for charity but I haven’t ever tried walking on glass. Here is me, many moons ago walking over those coals. You can see the flames coming off them!

firewalk glass walking achieve bristol mindset

This weekend I attended the Achieve event which was held at the Passenger Shed in Bristol. The event had many Guest speakers I will be writing a new post all about the day.  

One of the exhibitions there was a glass walking company. I spoke to the lady there who showed me how to walk on glass first. I couldn’t just do it as I was really nervous. 

Overcoming limited beliefs

What comes to your mind when you think of broken glass? In my mind, broken glass scares me. Over the years a piece of glass has been missed when vacuuming and yep you’ve guessed it. The glass has found its way into my foot which has caused distress.

  1. Firstly – There’s the bleeding. Blood seems to go everywhere.
  2. Pain. A piece of glass when stood on blinking hurts. 
  3. Trying to get the glass out is horrible. Makes me shiver thinking about it. 

I just want to plant a picture here. All alone at the exhibition stand really wanting to do this. Thoughts that crossed my mind were. 

  1. Wish one of my loved ones or a friend was here with me whilst I try this. Why didn’t no one else want to come?
  2. What happens if the glass goes into my foot? 
  3. How will I drive home if it’s bad?
  4. Who will walk me to my car if I can’t walk?
  5. What happens if it goes wrong and I end up crying in front of these strangers.

Although I’ve walked on fire before looking at the pieces of broken glass with the pointy edges really scared me. When I walked on fire it was a charity event with family there supporting me which was lovely. Thinking back, hearing my mum’s loud voice in the crowd cheering me on.

Being brave and knowing it was a past negative belief about the glass that I should overcome, I said Yes to the walking on glass. People have laid on a bed of nails and not get hurt, I thought of this the same way.

Here goes! Walking on glass

Taking my shoes off and looking down at my bare feet my focus changed to wishing I had a pedicure. That reminds me I’d best book one.

Walking on glass Mindset Achieve Bristol

Feeling nervous I took my first step on to the glass and I then had to put my entire body weight onto the one foot whilst I then put the other in front. As I did this the glass underneath my left foot broke and I heard a crunch. My heart raced at this point.

Glass walking Mindset Achieve Bristol

I walked across the glass without a scratch. From my understanding of how walking on glass works, it’s a case of weight being distributed therefore you will not get injured. The most you may suffer maybe a few scratches.

I thought this would be a great event to add into one of my classes that I run for my Business Master Your Life. Do you have any bad memories of standing on broken glass? Would you try this? Let me know what you think.

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Walking on glass Mindset Achieve Bristol

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