Weston-Super-Mare – Things to do

Weston-Super-Mare – Things to do

Insider’s guide to things to do at Weston Super-Mare’s seafront.

Weston-Super-Mare – Things to do on the Seafront

My alarm went off a bit too early for a Saturday Bank Holiday morning. I was keen to be at the seafront before all the tourists and families made their way into the town. Living in Weston-Super-Mare myself approximately 10 minutes away from the beach, I have never visited the seafront that early before.

I was able to find parking with ease and walk around without any hustle and bustle which was blissful. The sun was beating down and I knew the day ahead was set for a glorious summer’s day. I could see businesses that were setting up, putting chairs outside and cleaning outside their restaurants ready for the bank holiday

Breakfast on the Seafront

Missing out on Breakfast I ventured to Bistrot Pierre. Not one for a fatty fry up, those days have gone! When eating out I like to have nice surroundings and good food. This restaurant has one of the best outlooks onto the seafront. There is a balcony which you can sit outside and view Weston-Super-Mare’s beach and the Pier. I arrived as soon as the restaurant had opened and choose Eggs Benedict (Oeufs Benedict) to fuel me.

My breakfast cost £7.50 and I opted for an Americano costing £2.20. Now, I like a good coffee and being offered filtered coffee was a big hit. 

Knowing that the grand pier is having a spectacular fireworks display the following weekend, (which I can usually hear from my home) I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to book a table. I thought it would be lovely to sit and eat and watch the sky illuminate in amazing colours.

It was disheartening and disappointing when I asked if I could book any table by the window to be told that this was not possible as no one can reserve a window table.  Apparently, no window tables can be booked.  Hmmm, seeing as this was the only reason that I wanted a table and I haven’t tried their evening menu I opted against the booking. It just wouldn’t be the same to be placed in an area and have my back to the display.

Since this has been published I have visited Bistrot Pierre for an evening meal Click here for full review

My Eggs Benedict.

weston-super-mare-seafront attractions

On route to my first meeting, I walked along the beach,  I had chosen my trusty “vans” footwear for the day as comfort is key, plus they suit a day at the beach. It was quite nice to see the tide in at the time.

Weston has one of the highest tidal rises in the world. You can park on the beach but be warned. Warning signs regarding the tide are there for a reason which people seem to ignore and you end up seeing a car immersed in water on social media pages. This happens a lot! In fact over the bank holiday weekend, I saw a photo of a Mercedez that had been immersed in water whilst a person in a jet ski looks upon the roof of the car.


As I arrived at the Sand Sculpture Festival located on the seafront, I was greeted by very friendly staff. The site is open each year from Easter to the middle of October. This is their 12th year at Weston-super-Mare which I found quite shocking as I had no idea 12 years had passed.  Artists from all over the world come along and put the sculptures together. The sculptures are quite large and detailed. A ticket for an adult is £4.00.

There are 36 sculptures on site and it has a little play area for kids to make sand castles. You would probably spend at least an hour on-site walking around, the time you look and take photos. What did impress me is that on the last day of it being open, they open it to various charities for the blind. They are able to come in and feel each of the sculptures.

 I did include video footage of the sand sculptures separately as well as including it, in the link at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to check out my youtube account. Inspired By T.

Weston-Super-Mare attractions beach
Elephant sand sculpture. Weston-Super-Mare


Due to the amazing weather,  I kept to the outdoors and didn’t venture on to the Pier. The Pier was burnt down in 2008 and was rebuilt. I remember the day it was on fire, I recall getting ready for work and hearing the news on the radio, whilst I was driving to work you could see the smoke billowing into the sky.  

I have been inside the pier many times since it has reopened. You have to now pay a £1.00 entry per person. Inside they have many rides and slot machines and you can barely move in some parts during peak times. I prefer taking my Daughter when it is not so busy and when we are looking for indoor entertainment. During the summer, on glorious days I absolutely love being outdoors, with my sun cream on obviously!


On the beach, you can pay just £2.00 to have a donkey ride!  That’s not bad. Having a donkey ride is a big attraction to Weston-Super-Mare. In fact, my home is built on the existing donkey fields which you used to see as you entered Weston-Super-Mare.

Donkey Beach Weston-Super-Mare attractions
Donkey on the Beach in Weston-Super-Mare

The Beach gets really full on the dry sand, families set up their beach shelters or just sit on beach towels. I saw these funky towels online which state the towels dry 3 times faster than normal towels. I thought these would make the perfect beach accessory. Click on picture for more information.

Weston-super-Mare seafront beach


Next to the Sand Sculpture Festival is Funland. This is free entry and you pay to go on rides with tokens. It is an outdoor attraction with fairground attraction rides, which can keep families entertained. I filmed the area which will give you an idea of the rides. Youtube link at the bottom of the page. The site is open until quite late in the evening also. I met a few of the Staff on site, which enjoyed working there. Be quick though if you’re looking to visit as it closes soon until next year.

A couple of years ago, this site was Dismaland which displayed Banksy pieces of work. Staff on site were actually paid to stand around and look miserable and you were told off if you laughed! This was so popular, I wanted to go on a weekend but the queues were too large and ended up missing out. Many years prior to that it was the Tropicana which had its own outdoor pool.

A couple of years ago, this site was Dismaland which displayed Banksy pieces of work. Staff on site were actually paid to stand around and look miserable and you were told off if you laughed! This was so popular, I wanted to go on a weekend but the queues were too large and ended up missing out. Many years prior to that it was the Tropicana which had its own outdoor pool.


The seafront also has “skyview” a big wheel which I saw lots of people queuing for a ride. Perfect, if you’re like me and enjoy taking photos on Instagram. The gondola’s reach a 40-metre height.

weston-super-mare-seafront attractions


There is a Pirate Adventureland which is situated next to “skyview” It does stand out on the seafront with children climbing around the high ropes and underneath you have an 18 hole adventure golf. As you walk past you can hear the shrills of kids having fun. You would, however, have to pay separately for each of these.  It is quite small compared to other Adventureland’s. However, I did think the party package was okayish, Normally a 6-15 year old is £6.00 to enter the high ropes. For a party package, it’s £9.99 per child which includes:-

  • 1 round of walk the plank high ropes course
  • ice cream, 1 drink or slush puppie, pirates hat, pirates sword, pirates hook, pirate eye patch and earring.

By midday, the sun was beaming and many people were sat outside. The noise of families were quite prominent. Making my way past the grand pier there was a very distinct smell of fish and chips in the air. I could also see a large queue for a Mr whippy ice cream for just a £1.00. I was actually tempted myself!

Have you visited Weston-Super-Mare lately? what did you think? Why not check out my post regarding the Air Festival Weston-Super-Mare

Here is my video of that Morning. Just to give you a heads up, I do have a problem with the acoustics in some places. It was absolutely fine before I did my upload, seems I now need to invest in a microphone, my apologies.

Tracey xx


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