Wok review – Eaziglide Neverstick3 Professional wok

£70.00 for a wok?

As an amateur but keen cook, I was given the Eaziglide Neverstick3 Professional wok from John Lewis as a Christmas present. The wok itself cost £70.00 which is pretty hefty! When Christmas morning arrived I was so chuffed with my gift and   was so looking forward to using it.

My last wok was a Domo and I have had it years but overtime most of the inside lining had become scraped off and therefore lost most it’s non stick abilities. I was so fed up with making a decent meal but the wok letting it down by food getting stuck to the pan. I don’t remember my one prior to that, it can’t have been that good. This one comes with a lifetime guarantee so they must believe in the product too.

Straight after Boxing Day I was able to use my new wok and make up a curry with the left over foods from Christmas. The wok claims it doesn’t need any oil or butter. After my experience with my old wok I was hesitant.

I put my onions in and they softened just right without the oil and butter as stated. Wooo hoooo less calories per meal instantly without even trying! Not one to watch calories but I do like to eat healthily. I try to cook with fresh ingredients as much as possible. I am generally always adding garlic and turmeric to our my meals also due to the health benefits.

Wok review - Eaziglide Neverstick3 Professional wok

All the ingredients went into the pan and I found it had a great even heat distribution. Not once did anything get stuck to it. You see I use my wok for so many meals, curries, stir-frys, spaghetti bolognese etc.

Unfortunately, I am the dishwasher and I was so impressed when it came to cleaning the wok. Within less than 10 seconds it was clean, not only that, but it cleaned so effortlessly too. My old one meant a lot of scrubbing. It does actually state on the John Lewis website under the description that it is dishwasher and oven safe to 260c although hand washing is easy and preferable.

Due to my amazement on how quick it is to wash this up, I thought I would leave the wok for a couple of days after it had been used to test it. Below is a video which shows me washing the wok, have a look.

I am so happy with my gift and cooking is now so much easier. It’s no longer a massive chore to wash up after either.

Although this has a high price tag attached, this is the best wok I have ever used. I do think it has helped my cooking and I no longer have to worry about adding oils or butter. A few people I know buy the 1 calorie spray oil but if you buy this, you need never to have to worry about that and save some money along the way.

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