Woolacombe Bay Beach – North Devon – Day Out

Woolacombe Bay Beach – North Devon – Day Out

Woolacombe Bay Beach

Crystal clear warm water, soft golden sand which is hot to walk on. Where am I? Surprisingly at Woolacombe Bay Beach which is in North Devon within the UK. Who needs to go abroad when the weather is this amazing hitting around the 25c mark most days.

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woolacombe beach North Devon UK Family Day out

I have a great love for Beaches. On my time off work, I decided to take my Daughter to Woolacombe Bay Beach in Devon for us to relax and soak up the sun in great surroundings.

Woolacombe Bay Beach North Devon

My last visit here was several years ago and we were camping at the Golden Coast Holiday Park. During that visit, it was cold and rained a lot. This didn’t make the experience as I had hoped. We did, however, find lots of Jelly Fish all over the beach which we found interesting.


Woolacombe Beach is beautiful. The beach was clean and tidy, perfect for families. We walked on to the golden sandy beach, whereupon I took off my sandals to enjoy the sand between my toes. The sand was really warm, too hot for my Daughter to walk on it barefoot but I loved it.

We found a great spot on the beach where we could lay our belongings. For this visit, I actually took beach sheets which are so much lighter to carry.

Woolacombe Beah Devon Family day out

I headed immediately for the water once our little spot was set up.

Feeling the tepid temperature of the water as I entered, I felt like I was abroad.

woolacombe beach top UK Destination Devon

Public toilets

woolacombe beach public toilets Devon
Check out that blue sky!

There are public toilets located near the beach, which I had to climb quite a few steps for. There may be an easier route but I didn’t spot it. I found them to be clean when I visited. There was plenty of sand on the floor but that is to be expected. These toilets are also free to use which is an added bonus.


Upon arrival, we parked at the top of the Beach. The car park charges were £7.00 per day, unless you arrive after6 pmm then it is £3.00. Be careful here as you pay the amount when leaving and the machine does not take notes.


The tide was low and I couldn’t resist looking around the rockpools. 

woolacombe beach rock pools Devon

I find rock pools fascinating. 

woolacombe beach barnacle Devon species

There were so many species to look at. Look at these Barnacles. 

woolacombe beach rockpool Devon UK

There were so many shells attached to the rocks. The water was so blue when looking out at Sea. I was hoping to spot a crab but a Herring Gull beat me to it and was having it for its dinner. As I approached it flew off with the crab in its mouth. Imagine sunbathing and a crab suddenly falls on your face due to some Gull dropping it!

woolacombe beach Gull Crab Devon UK

The stunning scenery across the water as pictured below whilst exploring the rock pools.

Woolacombe Beach Devon UK


For lunch, we went to the Captains Table. It was nice inside where it was much cooler. I haven’t tried the other Restaurants in Woolacombe but this one does get a big thumbs up from us. The staff were polite, speedy and it was not overpriced. I opted for the prawn and crayfish sandwich which was tasty. 

woolacombe beach Captains Table Food Devon


Woolacombe has a small number of tourist shops, which I think is plenty for the area. I popped in one and bought a keyring which cost me £2.00. There is a fair amount of surfing memorabilia to purchase or fudge to take back home as gifts.

In one surfing shop, it sold Woolacombe lifeguard hoodies, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy it for the cooler weather. I am going back there soon so I will have to get one then.


At the end of the day most of the families had packed up and I decided to take full advantage. I positioned myself next to the waves and did a spot of meditating. 

woolacombe beach Meditation Devon UK

The waves coming into the shore looked so good I filmed them for my YouTube Video which is a guided meditation.

People do come here to surf but due to the high pressures it wasn’t producing waves big enough whilst we were there. I saw a ton of people paddle boarding though on the day though.

woolacombe beach Paddle boarding Devon

My brother is a really good surfer and he has kindly offered to teach me surfing at Woolacombe, as he feels this would be a better place in this weather to practice. I will no doubt be writing all about my surfing lesson.

Have you been to Woolacombe Bay Beach? What did you think?

If Woolacombe is too far for you to travel, what about Weston-Super-Mare 

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Woolacombe Beach North Devon





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