Yves Saint Laurent – review of products

Yves Saint Laurent – review of products

Yves Saint Laurent Inspired by T
Picture of me for the Yves Saint Laurent review

This was my very first beauty event and I had been looking forward to it all week.  I woke up that Morning with a sense of exhilaration. That Morning as I started work in front of my laptop, I felt like shampoo had just been placed in my eyes. The pain was immense. They stung so bad and tears were flowing down my face. I looked in the mirror, to my horror, my eyes had become so swollen that I resembled Will Smith in the film Hitched. I am surprised the mirror didn’t shatter. Hayfever had got me. Not usually one to suffer on this extent. Trying to work through the day with blurry bloodshot swollen and very painful eyes. I had a tissue in one hand wiping the tears and inside I was praying my eyes would improve. After taking more antihistamines and applying eye drops. The decision was made at end of the day, that regardless of my situation, I was still attending. I just would not have my photo taken, as if I struggled to look in the mirror, I certainly did not want my picture on this blog.

I arrived at Boots, the Mall, Cribbs Causeway in Bristol looking like I had spent the day crying and headed straight for the Yves Saint Laurent counter. Ladies gathered around the beauty counter. Laid out were fresh strawberries and glasses of fizz and little goodie bags on the shelf. I was greeted by the beautiful girls with their very perfect makeup.

I have been looking after my skin since I was 13 years old. Being the age I am now, 35…cough cough (41) how I wear my makeup has changed over the years. I spend a fortune on my creams and makeup and I am always on the lookout for “that” best product. Over time I have found amazing products which make’s my skin glow and it feels like years have been taken off. (Hurrah to that) I have certain expectations also from my makeup. Not one to overdo my makeup as I think during the week a much more subtle look suits me better.

A few things that are very important to me is good skin tone and that my complexion is not dull in appearance. Having small eyebrows I like to make sure they look very neat and tidy. My eyelashes are quite fair at the ends and mascara completely changes this for me. A good mascara is one of my beauty essentials as it really compliments my eyes and makes them look awake. I am quite lucky to have good lips and with the right products, this can really give me a nice “pout”.

Things I require from my makeup-

  1. Not to cake my skin, as this definitely enhances any fine lines (why on earth would I want to accentuate this!)
  2. I want a product that I apply in the morning that will not fade within a couple of hours (Last thing I need, is to apply in the Morning, have a 3-hour drive and look like I have not bothered)
  3. I want good quality products with longevity (No one wants to spend their well-earned money to find it’s empty after a couple of weeks, which has been the case)

Going to back to the event, I was sat down to be given a makeover. The Lady who was looking after me could see how my eyes were very bad. My make up was taken off and I was reassured that their eye cream would assist also.

During the makeover, I found 2 products which really stood out for me.

At the time I was also shown a beauty tip, which my friend’s and I have been trying out. Please click on the video below.

I will go through all the products used and the prices I was given at the time.

Products used –

Yves Saint Laurent Inspired by T
Yves Saint Laurent products

Yves Saint Laurent -Forever Youth liberator serum. £66.00 30ml.

Informed this will make my skin more radiant.

Yves Saint Laurent -Forever Youth liberator creme £67.00 50ml

Apparently, you only need a very small amount when applying this.

Yves Saint Laurent -Forever Youth liberator eye serum £50.00 15ml

Due to my poorly eyes. I was informed this brings down puffiness, inflammation and targets wrinkles. I googled this product after the event, this has received 7 noble prizes! It certainly did feel like it had soothed the area.


Yves Saint Laurent Inspired by T Mall Cribbs Causeway Bristol

Yves Saint Laurent -Touche Eclat Blur Primer £29.50 30ml 

I always use a primer as it’s a staple part of my beauty routine. I was actually amazed by the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer. I was informed at the time this is one of  YSL best sellers, behind the well know touch eclait concealer. It has a rather gloppy constancy but does not feel greasy or sticky. You only need a pea sized amount and it made my skin super soft. At first I was apprehensive as the bottle shows gold flecks and I did not want a glittery face. Once applied you can barely see the glitter and it is supposed to reflect light. This became a must-have product for me as I have found other primers to be to oily or I have felt like I have used cement mix.  Very light and very smooth. I purchased this at the time due to how impressed I was.

Yves Saint Laurent -Touche Eclat Radiant Touche Highlighting Pen £25.50

I sit on the fence on this product. So many people love this, but currently, I am using 2 other products (not at the same time) Estee Lauder’s double wear concealer and Benefits Boi-ing. I find this was on a par.

Yves Saint Laurent -Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation fluid £33.50 30ml

This was applied to half my face. Colour B40 was applied and this was a perfect match to my skin. I loved the feel and look of this.

Yves Saint Laurent -Touche Eclat Cushion Foundation £40.00

This was applied to the other half of my face. B30 was used.  It looked amazing on my skin. However, this actually did feel like I was wearing a heavier foundation. At the end of the evening, I felt like I had a mask on one side of face and took it off. Complete thumbs up to the packaging on this product is just pure luxury and I was told you can buy refills.

Yves Saint Laurent -Souffle d’Eclat loose powder £38.00

The powder was applied over my entire face. The powder felt soft and light. It did not cake my skin which can happen with other powders where they enhance the fine lines around the eye area.

Yves Saint Laurent -Touche Eclat Glow Shot – £22.50

This highlighter was applied to the top of the cheekbones and above my lip. Doing this is meant to enhance the cupids bow and give that fuller effect pout on your lips. I could see how this shimmered under my eyes. You only need such a small amount of this product. This can be taken in your handbag for a night out and applied over makeup when needed.

Yves Saint Laurent -Couture Palettes (Eyeshadow) £43.50  

Savage escape was used on my eyes. I loved the packaging and I loved the colours. I did not find the eyeshadows creased and it stayed on all evening. The packaging is very luxurious and this could be a perfect gift set also.

Yves Saint Laurent -The Shock Mascara £23.00

I own a lot of Mascaras! Mascara really enhances my lashes. I tried “The Shock” mascara. I actually said at the time…wow! This mascara gives a really full thicker lash effect. It actually was false lashes in an instant. The brush is different to normal also. The only bad point I have is that it is not waterproof and now being a new hay fever suffer my eyes run and so the Mascara comes off.  The effect is amazing I just need to be choosy and be hay fever free when wearing this.

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Inspired by T Tracey Tripp
Yves Saint Laurent -Rouge Pur Couture Star Clash edition no 70 £27.00 

The final piece to complete the makeover was the lipstick. This was a limited edition. This was very light and natural on me. It was not sticky nor did it have a funny taste.

I did leave the event feeling quite wonderful which was not a feeling I had on arrival.

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To contact Yves Saint Laurent at Boots http://www.boots.com/yves-saint-laurent

Thank you

Yves Saint Laurent Cribbs Causeway Mall

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